Warcraft Rumble Guild War Chest Guide

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Warcraft Rumble Guild War Chest Guide

Here’s our Warcraft Rumble Guild War Chest Guide. Complete this Season’s guild to earn various rewards, especially Emperor Thaurissan

In Warcraft Rumble, player guilds have a significant impact on the game's PvP content, and their advancement is directly linked to how well the members perform in PvP matches. It's beneficial for guild members to strategize and discuss team setups. Coordinating leader choices is particularly advantageous for guilds aiming for efficient progress, considering the War Chest system's mechanics.

As players navigate through the War Chest system, they'll receive numerous smaller rewards, enhancing their units with extra XP. Simultaneously, reaching higher levels in the system unlocks seasonal rewards, including cosmetic skins for units like kobolds or towers, along with expressive emotes to use in matches.

What Are Guild War Chests in Warcraft Rumble?

Being a mobile title doesn't diminish the potential for bonding, especially with the enticing prospect of Guild Chests, which can unlock coveted leaders like Sylvanas Windrunner for Season 1.

Here are a few ways you can level up your guild:

  • PvP Seasons: PvP seasons last for two weeks at a time. At the end of each season, players are rewarded based on their rank. The higher the rank, the better the rewards.
  • PvP Ranks: There are seven PvP ranks in Warcraft Rumble: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Legend. Players earn points for winning matches and lose points for losing matches. The higher your rank, the more points you will need to earn to advance to the next rank.
  • PvP Matchmaking: PvP matches are made using a matchmaking system that takes into account your PvP rank and the win rates of your minis. This system is designed to create fair and competitive matches.
  • PvP Rewards: Players can earn a variety of rewards for playing PvP, including War Crests, Gold, and Experience Tomes. At the end of each PvP season, players are also rewarded based on their rank.
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Guild War Chests are seasonal rewards in Warcraft Rumble, specifically tied to PVP seasons. They include various items such as a seasonal mini (for Season 3, it's Thaurissan), an emote or skin, an epic core, and XP Tomes for all families. These rewards are distributed at different point milestones, such as 10,000, 20,000, and 30,000 points.

How to contribute to the Guide War Chest Progress

Besides sharing stories of your many conquests with your guildmates, the Guild can also benefit from the shared seasonal rewards that are earned every time you earn War Chest Crests. These accumulated War Chest Crests unlock various in-game rewards.

Earning War Chest Crests

There are two ways of earning War Chest Crests, of which the easiest would be completing Arclight Surges. When taking on these in-game events that occur every 3 days, you should be wary of the family leader you choose. Whichever you use to beat these surges will result in your earning Family Crests for that particular family.

Warcraft Rumble Guild War Chest Guide

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For example, using Maiev Shadowsong as a leader when completing the Arclight Surges will result in you earning Alliance Family Crests. Regardless of whichever Family Crest you earn, the amount will be added to the overall War Chest Crests, ensuring no effort goes to waste.

Another way of earning War Chest Crests would be by engaging in PvP combat. When using your highest-ranked Leader of a particular family, you will be able to earn a certain number of Family Crests for each time that leader gains 200 Honor. Remember to level up the Honor of each of your top leaders for each Family to ensure you accumulate the most War Chest Crests as possible.

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Finally, Crests are also automatically granted based on your Leader's Honor at the start of each PvP season, so you will never have to restart from zero Honor, although that would benefit your ability to earn more crests through defeating newcomers.

It's important to note that whenever you decide to leave your guide in order to join a new one, none of your Crest progress will be transferred, although you will be able to benefit from one of the new guilds. But don't start hopping guilds for rewards because you can only collect them once per account. It's better to rally your guildmates and farm your guilds' progress together!

Claim Emperor Thaurissan From The Guild Chest This Season

Is he a worthwhile investment? Absolutely, especially if you're following the guild path! It shouldn't pose much difficulty to complete the War Chest before Season 3 concludes, and you'll also save some gold in the bargain. Moreover, having the Fiery Dark Emperor himself to lead your Rumble army adds significant value in both PVP and PVE battles.

Warcraft Rumble Guild War Chest Guide
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