How To Invite Players To A Guild In Warcraft Rumble

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How To Invite Players To A Guild In Warcraft Rumble

Learn how to invite players to a guild in Warcraft Rumble with this guide. Join an Invite-Only guild easily!

In Warcraft Rumble, assemble diverse teams from a range of heroes, some familiar from World of Warcraft. You can engage in miniature battles with these character counterparts in the Warcraft universe. Explore campaigns, PvE combat, and PvP challenges. 

Having trouble inviting players to your guild in Warcraft Rumble? We’ll walk you through it! Discover how to navigate private guilds and learn about guild basics. Guilds in Warcraft Rumble offer various member benefits. Inviting friends to join maximizes gains, although it's not a quick process. Find out how to invite players to a guild and kick-start your collective progress!

What Is A Guild In Warcraft Rumble?

A guild is a community of players united to support each other and reap rewards. In Warcraft Rumble, it serves as a central hub for collective gameplay and earning tempting rewards.

Players usually gain rewards by assisting the guild in achieving specific levels. In the game, players contribute points earned through gameplay to the guild. Once a specific point threshold is reached, players unlock various rewards.

These rewards are categorized into milestone rewards, which require a higher point accumulation, and points rewards, which demand fewer points to earn.

Notably, guilds in Warcraft Rumble have a small capacity, accommodating only 15 players. Consequently, groups of friends might establish multiple guilds to involve everyone or include additional players through multiple accounts.

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Can You Invite Players to a Guild in Warcraft Rumble?

How To Invite Players To A Guild In Warcraft Rumble
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It's a bit complicated, but to put it plainly: no, you can't directly send invites to specific players for your guild in Warcraft Rumble, whether you're the guild owner or not. It's frustrating, but there's a workaround available.

To clarify, there's no direct method to invite specific players, even your friends, to your established guild in Warcraft Rumble. It's puzzling considering the inclusion of guilds, but there is a method to bypass this limitation, albeit partially.

How To Invite Players To A Guild In Warcraft Rumble
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Public Guilds accept members until they reach their 15-player capacity. Conversely, Invite-Only Guilds allow the leader to be more selective about who joins. Essentially, it's a private guild where the leader handpicks members, ideal for friend groups or those seeking specific levels/skills. Despite the name, you can't directly send invitations.

Players who wish to join need to search for the guild's name and send a request. The guild leader reviews these requests in the order they're received and selects whom to accept. However, if the guild reaches its capacity before responding, your request might go unanswered. So, persistent attempts might be necessary to join the desired guild.

Regarding Invite-Only Guilds, they are established for private friend groups or to control the number of members. Although invites can't be sent, friends can search and request to join. Not all Invite-Only Guilds are exclusive for personal groups—some exist simply because the leader wants control over who joins.

If attempting to join an Invite-Only Guild without knowing the leader, be aware that immediate access isn't guaranteed. The guild might reach its capacity or your level might not meet their criteria.

Tips To Get Connected To Friends And Other Online Players

How To Invite Players To A Guild In Warcraft Rumble
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Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to better connect to guilds in Warcraft Rumble:

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Directly Contact Friends and Interested Players

Look for suitable players in your friends list, guild chat, or PvP matches. Send them messages explaining why they should join your guild, mentioning its active community, strong leadership, and common goals. Share details about your guild's aims and accomplishments to interest them. Keep following up with reminders and encouragement for them to join.

Leverage Online Communities

Use the official Warcraft Rumble subreddit or Discord server to create posts for guild recruitment. Point out your guild's unique features like active leadership, organized events, or a diverse player base. 

Engage with the community by joining discussions, answering questions, and becoming a respected member. Make sure to categorize your posts correctly to reach the intended audience.

Enhance Your Guild’s Presence

  • Set guild to “open”: Allow players to join your guild without requiring an invitation, making it more accessible.
  • Create a catchy guild name and description: Craft a memorable name and informative description that accurately reflects your guild's identity.
  • Establish clear guild requirements: Define the specific criteria for joining your guild, such as activity level, preferred language, or gameplay focus.
  • Actively participate in guild chats and events: Engage with fellow guild members, organize events, and foster a sense of community within your guild.

Connect With Friends And Conquer Lobbies In No Time

A guild serves as a means to enhance rewards while playing the game. Additionally, guildmates can aid new players in better understanding the game and also help them level up. Therefore, joining a guild in Warcraft Rumble can greatly benefit every player in the game.

How To Invite Players To A Guild In Warcraft Rumble
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