Warcraft Rumble Falstad Guide

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Warcraft Rumble Falstad Guide

If you are looking for a Warcraft Rumble Falstad guide, you have come to the right place.

Are you wondering how to beat Falstad in Warcraft Rumble? Even though he does not seem like a powerful opponent at first, the reality is different. He can be challenging, which is why this Warcraft Rumble Falstad guide will show you how to deal with this opponent.

Warcraft Rumble Falstad Guide  – Overview

Warcraft Rumble Falstad Guide
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Falstad is unique in many ways because he uses a griffin to move around. With that said, once you start playing, you will see he uses his hammer to attack targets. What’s more, Falstad has a lightning attack that makes him really dangerous against certain types of minis.

Before learning how to defeat Falstad in Warcraft Rumble, an important thing to know is that he is a level 11 enemy based in the Hunterlands. As mentioned, he deals a lot of damage, which means it is advisable for your units to have more HP. There are many different options you can choose from, but some are better than others, so let’s learn more about our picks.

How to beat Falstad in Warcraft Rumble?

The fight with Falstad is a little bit different because the map only has 2 chests and gold mines. The boss relies on different units, such as Footmen, Gryphon Rider, Mountaineer, Dark Iron Miner, Prowler, and Huntress, and he uses Chain Lightning.

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In terms of the options you can use, there are a lot of different builds. After trying a couple of options, here are the things we found that work best:

  • Grommash Hellscream – Grommash has a lot of HP and deals tons of damage.
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot – This is one of the best options to get in Warcraft Rumble right now, which explains why you see her in almost any draft. She can deal with a lot of AoE damage and is an Unbound unit.
  • Harpies – An important part of the draft.
  • Gargoyle – This is probably the most important unit in this Warcraft Rumble Fastad guide because this is the unit that will attack the boss himself. Gargoyles have high HP, making them ideal to tank his damage.
  • Dark Iron Miner – This unit is important because it is Unbound and allows you to get more gold.
  • Warsong Raider – A good overall unit to deal with Fastad’s minions.
  • Polymorph – This is a key ability in this Falstad Warcraft Rumble guide because it allows you to control your opponent’s minis. Polymoprhing targets that can rip through your Harpies or Gargoyle can make a huge difference.

Once you have your draft ready, the important thing is to control Falstad’s push by Polymorphing his Hunress and other minis that are hard to deal. As mentioned, your Gargoyles are important in this draft because they will allow you to kill the boss, so make sure they do not have any obstacles.

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Other ways to deal with Falstad

Warcraft Rumble Falstad Guide
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In addition to the draft mentioned above, there are a few other drafts we can include in this Warcraft Rumble Falstad guide. Some of them include Tirion and Abomination, Darkspear Troll, Gryphon Rider, Pyromancer, S.A.F.E. Pilot, and Holy Nova. The idea here is to heal your Abomination with Tyrion and allow your ranged units to hit Falstad until he is dead.

On top of that, you can also deal with Falstad if you decide to use a draft with General Drakkisath. Here, you can use the following options:

  • Harpies
  • Earth Elemental
  • Quilboar
  • Firehammer
  • Whelp Eggs
  • Dark Iron Miner

The idea behind this draft is to send Drakkisath first and the firehammer behind him. Once Drakkisath is almost dead, use your Quilboar or Earth Elemental and do that again the next time. Doing this will allow your Firehammers to keep attacking Falstad and doing tons of damage. The Whelp Eggs are great against Felstad’s footmen, and you should use the Dark Iron Miner to farm as much as possible.

Warcraft Rumble Falstad Guide
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