VicLa Returns to the FlyQuest Starting Roster for the Second Game of LCS Week 5

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VicLa Returns to the FlyQuest Starting Roster for the Second Game of LCS Week 5

After their loss to NRG yesterday with Spirax in the mid lane, FlyQuest brings VicLa back today for the Evil Geniuses game.

LCS Summer Split has been a near disaster for FlyQuest so far. This team build to win an LCS title was sitting in ninth place with a 3-9 record coming into Week 5, with almost all of their remaining six games must win if they wanted to make playoffs. 

Due to the dire situation and due to the mid jungle duo being the two biggest individual underperformers on the roster, FlyQuest announced they were making a roster change yesterday—promoting Djalal “Spirax” Djiar to replace Lee “VicLa” Dae-kwang. While the roster change was surprising for most, it generated a lot of excitement in the community as Spirax has been performing really well in the Challengers League and his promotion meant the number of native mid laners in the LCS reached half of the total for the first time since 2021.

Unfortunately, Spirax’s debut wasn’t successful as FlyQuest couldn’t capitalize on their early gold lead against NRG and ended up with their fourth straight loss. While Spirax didn’t have a bad individual game (he went 3/2/3 on Jayce), his LCS debut is cut short today with another FlyQuest announcement.

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The organization this time shared a written statement on their Twitter page instead of a video by their management, which said VicLa would be returning today against Evil Geniuses and the substitution was always planned for one game—regardless of the result.

The second part of the FlyQuest statement was, “With the level of gameplay [Spirax] demonstrated in the NACL this Summer, we felt it right to recognize and reward that with an opportunity in the LCS,” which contradicted yesterday’s announcement as there was no mention of a reward for Spirax or a one game change.

Mixed messages from the org also draw some backlash from the community online as many thought FlyQuest did not do a good job of communicating the circumstances around the roster changes. There is also the issue of timing which was another contentious topic online. FlyQuest is currently fighting for their lives in the LCS Summer Split, and their record isn’t at a point that would allow any one game experiment.

In the end, VicLa will be returning to the LCS starting roster for the remainder of the Summer Split. FlyQuest’s first game with VicLa back is against Evil Geniuses today, at 3 p.m. PT.

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