VENN Announces New Shows, Talent And Partnerships Ahead Of August Debut

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VENN Announces New Shows, Talent And Partnerships Ahead Of August Debut

Ther hype continues to build as VENN makes more big announcements.

Today, the Video Game Entertainment and News Network, or VENN for short, came forward with a host of new signings, upcoming shows and partnership deals. VENN is a live network for all things gaming, esports, streaming and entertainment. It debuts in a little over two weeks and they're certainly building the anticipation with their reveals.

Their first announcement reported that a number of high profile gaming and esports personalities, such as James “Dash” Patterson, Stefan “TheSushiDragon” Li and Chrissy Costanza, are on board. In fact, each of them has their own show. The shows range from challenge shows to performance-based shows and more. Now, VENN is giving people another glimpse into the gaming, esports and pop culture content they can look forward to. Plus, they released a launch trailer to give a better feel for the network too.

New shows and personalities

First on the list of announcements is “Grey Area,” hosted by Sasha Grey and Jon Park. This one definitely seems unique, as the two will imitate and comment on life matters like relationships, modern love and social media. They'll also have guests on and viewer interaction, where fans can submit their most embarrassing or hilarious questions for the crew to give their comedic insight on.

Secondly is “The Download,” which is a daily news update program to keep viewers in the loop of all things gaming, pop culture, tech and more. There's quite a group working on this one, as Emma Fyffe, Erin Ashley Simon, Matt Morello, Jimmy Wong and Daniel Gonzales are all set to cover daily news and give unfiltered opinions and debates. As with many other of VENN's shows, guests will appear and help the main cast “get to the heart of topics that matter most to gamers.”

Next up is a few additions to a previously revealed show, “VENN Arcade Live”. Emily Mei, Tehya Johns and Daniel Gonzales will be joining James “Dash” Patterson on debut. For those who missed the first reveal, this variety show is a celebration of all aspects of pop culture and gaming. It'll have live performances, interactive gameplay and live audience participation.

New partnerships

In addition to the new shows and talent, VENN has two new partnerships. The first one is with Proximity, a global EDM music collective and distributor. As part of the agreement, Proximity will work with its community of artists to create exclusive music and content for VENN and its shows. Founder of Proximity Blake Coppelson shared his excitement for the future of the partnership:

“We’re excited to push the needle forward and curate authentic experiences for music fans along with VENN. Their team shares our passion for culture, and its growing overlap with gaming, and we can’t wait to unveil our collaborations in the next few months.”

Along with this is a partnership with Bernie Su. He's an Emmy award-winning producer and director, who notably helped create “Artificial”. This was the first web series to debut on Twitch. Su also worked on “Sleeping with Friends for Facebook Watch” and “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries with Hank Green”. Under this agreement, Su will work with VENN to create and develop new interactive shows.

With all these new announcements, there's a lot to be excited about. VENN debuts on August 5, so make sure to follow them and mark your calendars!

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