VENN Reveals Plans For Upcoming Gaming And Pop Culture Broadcast Shows

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VENN Reveals Plans For Upcoming Gaming And Pop Culture Broadcast Shows

VENN reveals its grand plans for broadcast TV.

The Video Game Entertainment and News Network (“VENN”) has unveiled its plans for broadcast television that focus on creative programming under the lens of pop culture and gaming. This new network will offer a variety of programming; including talks shows, news, game shows and docuseries catered for Gen Z and Millenial audiences. So far, they've released information about five shows sure to impress.

That's not all though. VENN is assembling some of the biggest names in the gaming and pop culture spheres as part of their crew. Among these personalities are James “Dash” Patterson, Austin (@AustinonTwitter), Chrissy Costanza, Stefan “TheSushiDragon” Li, and Cash Nasty. All have a sizable following and unique take on entertainment that brings a lot to the table. In fact, they'll each have their own show to host!

The Lineup

As mentioned before, VENN has offered up five shows so far for future viewers to look forward to. The first is hosted by Dash and is called “VENN Arcade Live” (“VAL”). It'll be a variety show featuring tons of guests from all aspects of pop culture and gaming, live performances, interactive gameplay and live audience participation.

VENN Arcade Live shows up in bright purple font in front of a background filled with game controllers

The second show is titled “Dare Package” and will be hosted by Austin. It's bound to be a doozy. In this competition show, VENN will “airdrop real-life loot crates filled with mystery challenges … live into streamers' homes!” You'll never know what to expect from the challenges, some may be gross while others are downright difficult. Either way, it should be a great time!

Third on the list is Chrissy Costanza's show, “Guest House”. This will be quite an interesting one as it will always be different. Each weekday afternoon, guest streamers will be invited to create their own two-hour TV show. They'll have everything available to them, from the latest tech to a full broadcast team, to put on the ultimate stream. This is sure to be entertaining for all the avid Twitch viewers.

Next up is “TheSushiDragon Show” whose host needs no introduction. Those familiar with his content can expect similar things, eccentric dancing and equally crazy visuals. Along with those staples will be talks and performances with a bunch of guests, including musicians, artists and creators.

sushidragon venn

Finally, the last show revealed is titled “Looking for Gains” with Cash Nasty. It differentiates itself from others in that it focuses on health and exercise, bringing in celebrity guests to work out and “join the #LFGSquad”. The show will have celebrity Q&A's too with exercises viewers can do at home. For quarantine gamers, this is a great idea for both entertainment and health!

VENN's Mission

VENN is definitely something to look forward to. There's not a lot of mainstream outlets for younger audiences with gaming and pop culture interests, other than online services like Twitch and YouTube. Co-CEO of VENN Ben Kusin commented on this idea and about VENN's mission:

“We’re disrupting the traditional television business model and giving birth to a powerful voice in GenZ and Millennial entertainment. We identify and curate fan favorite talent, develop and elevate their content with a world class TV production infrastructure, then rapidly scale it all via our universally distributed network. There’s a currency in generational talents and a currency in generational movements, and that timeliness can’t wait for traditional TV to adapt. The time for VENN is now.”

If this reveal wasn't enough, there will be another reveal coming soon. After that, the network debuts live on August 5, so mark your calendars.

Images via VENN.

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