Vegas Eternal vs. Atlanta Reign Preview & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Week 5

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Vegas Eternal vs. Atlanta Reign Preview & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Week 5

The worst competes with the best in Vegas Eternal vs. Atlanta Reign.

A real David vs. Goliath as a team who can't win takes on a team who can't lose.

Vegas Eternal

At least after today, the Vegas Eternal will have their toughest match out of the way. They had so many chances to play teams on their level, and they fumbled them all. While one, maybe two of the players deserve to be in the league, this team just does not. They cannot compete in professional Overwatch, and the Atlanta Reign will make them look like a Bronze 5-stack on the ladder.



Jack “Vulcan” McArthur

  • Eliminations: 67
  • Deaths: 64
  • Damage: 71,852


Jesse “Dove” Palomo

  • Eliminations: 68
  • Deaths: 51
  • Damage: 51,323

Josh “MaltheL” Gonzales

  • Eliminations: 67
  • Deaths: 48
  • Damage: 49,480


Kyle “Rakattack” Rakauskas

  • Eliminations: 51
  • Deaths: 55
  • Damage: 31,779
  • Healing: 74,712

Luke “Lukemino” Fish

  • Eliminations: 61
  • Deaths: 55
  • Damage: 29,301
  • Healing: 83,502

Atlanta Reign

Vegas Eternal vs. Atlanta Reign is a headline this team has been waiting to hear. They're going to get some of their bench some great practice today, testing comps and rolling through the Eternal. This loaded roaster can't be touched by a team outside of the top 6, so obviously they won't be touched by last place. No amount of practice can get Vegas Eternal a map win over the undisputed best team in the West.

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Xander “Hawk” Domecq

  • Eliminations: 240
  • Deaths: 47
  • Damage: 106,125

Min-sung “D0NGHAK” Kim

  • Eliminations: 127
  • Deaths: 18
  • Damage: 39,634


Hak-yong “Stalk3r” Jeong

  • Eliminations: 393
  • Deaths: 74
  • Damage: 149,194

Jae-won “LIP” Lee

  • Eliminations: 362
  • Deaths: 68
  • Damage: 143,964


Joon “Fielder” Kwon

  • Eliminations: 237
  • Deaths: 74
  • Damage: 60,486
  • Healing: 204,163

Hyeon-seok “ChiYo” Han

  • Eliminations: 255
  • Deaths: 74
  • Damage: 73,482
  • Healing: 137,953

Jun “vigilante” Kim

  • No Stats Yet

Vegas Eternal vs. Atlanta Reign Results


Oasis: Atlanta Reign 2-0 Vegas Eternal

King's Row: Atlanta Reign 3-1 Vegas Eternal

Rialto: Atlanta Reign 3-1 Vegas Eternal

Atlanta Reign 3-0 Vegas Eternal

Player of the Match


Vegas Eternal vs. Atlanta Reign Preview & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Week 5
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