Vancouver Titans vs. London Spitfire Preview & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Week 4

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Vancouver Titans vs. London Spitfire Preview & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Week 4

Vancouver Titans vs. London Spitfire is a fight through the middle of the bracket.

A fight that was formerly a test for who can get their only win for the season becomes a fight for who can seed higher in qualifiers.

Vancouver Titans

Year by year the Vancouver Titans look better and better, and this could be their year. This is a roster with plenty of experience, and just a touch of rookie star power. This roster is pretty much stuffed full of good players who deserve better, and it looks like they're going to get it. Top team might not be a title they'll get, but qualifying for stage tournaments is completely possible. After beating Boston Uprising, its expected that this team will take a pretty clean victory against the London Spitfire.



Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist

  • Eliminations: 182
  • Deaths: 69
  • Damage: 96,807


Luka “Aspire” Rolovic

  • Eliminations: 169
  • Deaths: 66
  • Damage: 81,516

Kamden “Sugarfree” Hijada

  • Eliminations: 186
  • Deaths: 60
  • Damage: 79,702


William “Crimzo” Hernandez

  • Eliminations: 116
  • Deaths: 57
  • Damage: 40,796
  • Healing: 137,103

Hong-gyu “Faith” Kim

  • Eliminations: 128
  • Deaths: 51
  • Damage: 39,993
  • Healing: 71,854

London Spitfire

London did not look nearly as good as they would've liked against the Vegas Eternal, which is leaving everybody asking questions. After seeing that, the expectations for the team have become lower, to the point where even winning a map from Vancouver would be a surprise this week. It wouldn't be the most shocking thing for London to win a map or two, but it's surprising how far they've fallen down the power rankings.



Daniel “Hadi” Bleinagel

  • Eliminations: 105
  • Deaths: 53
  • Damage: 74,396


William “SparkR” Andersson

  • Eliminations: 74
  • Deaths: 42
  • Damage: 51,760

Jamie “Backbone” O'Neill

  • Eliminations: 57
  • Deaths: 25
  • Damage: 27,766

Denis “Lethal” Tari

  • Eliminations: 80
  • Deaths: 43
  • Damage: 46,169


Oliver “”Admiral” Vahar

  • Eliminations: 25
  • Deaths: 19
  • Damage: 8,580
  • Healing: 20,490

Landon “Landon” McGee

  • Eliminations: 75
  • Deaths: 56
  • Damage: 36,999
  • Healing: 74,220

Robert “Skairipa” Lupsa

  • Eliminations: 30
  • Deaths: 39
  • Damage: 15,573
  • Healing: 44,759

Vancouver Titans vs. London Spitfire Results


Ilios: Vancouver Titan 2-1 London Spitfire

Blizzard World: Vancouver Titans 2-1 London Spitfire

Junkertown: Vancouver Titans 2-1 London Spitfire

Vancouver Titans 3-0 London Spitfire

Player of the Match


Vancouver Titans vs. London Spitfire Preview & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Week 4
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