Unveiling the Scariest Encounters Hidden In No Man’s Sky

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Unveiling the Scariest Encounters Hidden In No Man’s Sky

Discover the scariest encounters hidden in No Man's Sky, from scary creatures to mysterious enigmas, and prepare to dare and explore the mysteries of the endless cosmos

In No Man's Sky, a universe brimming with both wonder and eeriness, we delve into the intriguing mysteries that lie within. While the game isn't a horror title, it introduces spine-tingling experiences that blend fear and fascination into its exploration.

Scariest Encounters of No Man's Sky

Here is our list of some of the scariest and eeriest encounters you will unveil as you journey through the endless universe of No Man's Sky.

The Asteroid Larvae

In the vast universe of No Man's Sky, explorers might encounter a space enigma known as the Asteroid Larvae. This strange entity, resembling a colossal Abyssal Horror, often lurks in the cosmic void, seemingly indifferent to the presence of approaching spacecraft. However, when provoked by gunfire, it retaliates with menacing but ultimately harmless beams. These bizarre encounters can be memorable, and Asteroid Larvae sightings are considered rare in the game's expansive universe.

Moreover, the Asteroid Larvae serves a dual role beyond its enigmatic presence. No Man's Sky introduces players to the Anomaly Detector, a one-time-use beacon that scans the nearby area for space anomalies. These anomalies are known for their unpredictability, offering the potential for Space Encounters and even the chance to locate a Rogue Black Hole. With the release of The Endurance Update in July 2022, Anomaly Detectors gained another purpose: uncovering Living Frigates, adding an extra layer of intrigue to this cosmic tool.

To find one, you can follow the following coordinates:

  • Space Anomaly System – 0403:007A:0CC1:01D7
  • HUB10-53 Yosukiha – 042F:0079:0D55:0053
  • Dargerdu – 0000:00FE:0000:00AA
  • Nadosie – 0937:0082:0129:0211

Biological Horrors

Deep within the world of No Man's Sky, a startling menace awaits – the Biological Horrors. These eerie beings defy the game's otherwise serene landscapes, emerging as unexpected threats. Often found in abandoned buildings on desolate planets, they stand as guardians of a bizarre entity known as the Whispering Egg.

Biological Horrors are visually disturbing and known for their unsettling behavior. They launch at the player with surprising speed, creating tension in an otherwise peaceful exploration experience. What's noteworthy, however, is that players can navigate these xenomorph-looking alien entities effectively. By keeping an eye out for potential flanking maneuvers and maintaining a strategic approach, players can outmaneuver the Biological Horrors and eliminate them without excessive difficulty.

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Though the sight of these creatures is undoubtedly terrifying, understanding their patterns and behaviors offers a sense of control over what initially seems like an insurmountable menace. This adds a layer of strategy to the gameplay and transforms encounters with Biological Horrors into opportunities for resource collection, making them a unique and memorable aspect of No Man's Sky. It's a stark reminder that, even in a universe primarily focused on exploration and discovery, unsettling surprises can lie in wait.

Abyssal Horrors: Unveiling the Ocean's Chilling Terrors

In the watery depths of No Man's Sky, explorers may encounter the spine-tingling Abyssal Horrors – eerie aquatic creatures of diverse forms. These otherworldly beings are unlike anything you'd expect, offering both challenge and intrigue for those brave enough to seek them out.

1. Stationary Abyssal Horrors

Unveiling the Scariest Encounters Hidden In No Man's Sky
Credit: NoMan'sSky

Abyssal Horror, in its stationary form, dwells in the inky depths of the ocean floor or near Sunken Buildings. When near, their eyes open, gazing at the player, before unleashing a glowing beam. This beam draws the player in closer, causing damage and rendering them helpless. Rapidly pressing the designated button (varies by platform) can break the effect. When defeated, an Abyssal Horror drops a Hypnotic Eye, which disappears if not collected promptly.

Remarkably, this creature cannot be scanned, and it can only be damaged by targeting its eye. A strategic approach is essential for survival, with Movement Systems upgrades recommended to evade its quick grasp.

2. Angler Fish Abyssal Horrors

Unveiling the Scariest Encounters Hidden In No Man's Sky
Credit: Reddit User RippedLeech

The Angler Fish Abyssal Horror hides within Alluring Specimens, emerging when harvesting a Hadal Core. Once disturbed, it immediately attacks and pursues the player, though it gives up the chase if the player escapes the water or enters the Nautilon. Notably, these creatures require substantial damage to defeat, posing a significant challenge to even maxed-out players. The use of Nautilon weapons is advised during these encounters, though they do not drop any items upon defeat.

3. Jellyfish Abyssal Horrors

Unveiling the Scariest Encounters Hidden In No Man's Sky
Credit: meh__666

Abyssal Horror, taking on the form of Jellyfish, manifests when players mine underwater flora or minerals. Often found in groups, they swim towards the player, exploding on contact if not eliminated. These creatures can be easily avoided by moving away, and they disappear if the player reaches land. Importantly, they don't drop any items when vanquished.

In the haunting depths of the oceans or aboard Derelict Freighters, the Abyssal Horrors present a unique and sinister challenge. Their presence adds an unexpected layer of thrill and suspense to the exploration aspects of No Man's Sky, ensuring that even underwater, eerie surprises await.

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Black Holes

Black Holes in No Man's Sky are captivating cosmic anomalies. They serve as a rapid means of interstellar travel, transporting explorers to fixed star systems across the galaxy. However, their use comes with a risk – some technology modules in your starship's general inventory may suffer random damage upon arrival, though those in the technology inventory remain unharmed. Black Holes consistently move you closer to the galaxy's center, reducing your distance by approximately 7,000 light-years (+/- 1,000 ly). Special “hyper black holes” can even propel you over 300,000 light-years towards the center.

Unveiling the Scariest Encounters Hidden In No Man's Sky
Credit; Gamepur

The advantages of Black Hole travel include efficiency and speed. It offers a shortcut to the galaxy's core, enabling players to reach it within hours instead of days. Effective warp speeds can surpass 5,900 – 6,000 light-years per minute with the right upgrades. Nevertheless, the route isn't linear, and your exact destination around the galactic core can vary. Players can locate Black Holes through Specialist Polo in the Space Anomaly or by stumbling upon them in Black Hole Systems. They appear as Waypoints on the galactic map. Hyper black holes, strategically positioned in the galaxy's spirals, serve as rapid conduits for extensive exploration. Black Holes are remarkable cosmic wonders, adding both challenge and intrigue to No Man's Sky's expansive universe.

The Grave of the Ocean King

In the vast expanse of No Man's Sky, explorers may chance upon the enigmatic “Grave of the Ocean King.” These colossal, skull-like structures from an unknown space creature hold an aura of mystery. While static and unresponsive to hails or attacks, these graves offer unique rewards. Approaching them may bestow explorers with a 50% chance of receiving a fossil sample or an ancient skeleton. These intriguing anomalies can be found randomly in star systems, yet they maintain a rare appearance, highlighting the game's talent for blending surprise and curiosity into its endless exploration.

To find one, you can follow the following coordinates:

  • Samnadhr sja'Gulr: 0806:007B:0EE6:0117
  • Seboru-Buch: 043C:0072:0D44:01CB
  • Kochihi XVII: 0804:0084:0803:007E
  • Clarup: 0765:0076:0149:0023


In No Man's Sky, a universe of endless exploration, beauty and terror intertwine, offering spine-tingling encounters that add depth to the cosmic journey. From eerie abyssal horrors to mysterious enigmas like the Grave of the Ocean King, No Man's Sky continually enthralls players with its thrilling and unsettling wonders.



Unveiling the Scariest Encounters Hidden In No Man’s Sky
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