Mastering Frigates And Expeditions: No Man’s Sky Guide

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Mastering Frigates And Expeditions: No Man’s Sky Guide

Here's what you need to know about buying Frigates, upgrading them, and sending them on expeditions

No Man's Sky offers players a vast universe to explore, and your journey through this cosmos can be made even more rewarding by assembling a fleet of Frigates. They are mid-sized starships that you can recruit to join your fleet. These versatile vessels can be sent on expeditions to other star systems, allowing you to gather valuable resources, earn units, and discover rare items. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of acquiring these ships, understanding their types and stats, sending them on missions, and optimizing their performance.

How to Buy Frigates

Before you can embark on thrilling expeditions, you'll need to build a fleet of Frigates. Fortunately, acquiring them is relatively straightforward. Follow these steps to add Frigates to your fleet:

  1. Locate Recruitable Frigates: As you explore different star systems, keep an eye out for large Freighters. Occasionally, these Freighters will have recruitable Frigates onboard. When you approach a system with one, green navigation points will indicate their presence.
  2. Initiate Communication: Once you've identified a recruitable Frigate, fly close to it, and your communication channel will activate. Open communication with the Frigate's captain.
  3. Examine the Frigate: You'll be presented with detailed information about the Frigate, including its current rank, type, stats, traits, fuel efficiency, and price. Take your time to evaluate the frigate's attributes before making a decision.
  4. Consider the Rank: Frigates have different ranks, ranging from C to S. The rank can be improved by sending the Frigate on missions. Don't be too concerned about the initial rank, as all of them can level up over time.
  5. Assess the Stats: Pay close attention to the Frigate's stats. Each Frigate has unique stats that determine its potential in various areas. Higher stat values generally indicate better performance during missions.
  6. Evaluate Traits: They may have traits that add or subtract from their stats. These traits can significantly impact their effectiveness during these missions.
  7. Review Fuel Efficiency: Take note of the Frigate's fuel consumption for every venture. Lower fuel consumption means greater efficiency, which can save you valuable resources over time.
  8. Purchase the Frigate: If you're satisfied with the Frigate's attributes and price, click the “Purchase” button to add it to your fleet.

About Stats and Ranks

Mastering Frigates And Expeditions: No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: tarnuts

Understanding Frigate stats and ranks is crucial for assembling an efficient fleet. Frigates have base stats that can range from -5 to 14. You can calculate a Frigate's base stat total using the following formula:

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Base Stat Total = (Sum of Current Stats) – (Sum of Stats from Traits) – (Number of Rank Ups * 6)

Ranking up these ships occurs after completing a specific number of expeditions. Here's when rank-ups occur:

  • 4 missions completed
  • 8 missions completed
  • 15 missions completed
  • 25 missions completed
  • 30 missions completed
  • 35 missions completed
  • 40 missions completed
  • 45 missions completed
  • 50 missions completed
  • 55 missions completed

For example, let's calculate the base stat total for a Frigate:

  • Sum of current stats = 0 (combat) + 18 (exploration) + 2 (industrial) + 3 (trade) = 23
  • Sum of bonuses = +15 (exploration)
  • Number of expeditions = 0 (no rank-ups)
  • Base Stat Total = 23 (stats) – 15 (bonuses) – 0 (rank-ups) = 8

In this case, the Frigate has a base stat total of 8, which falls within the range of -5 to 14, indicating it's a fairly decent Frigate.

Don't be overly concerned about the class rank when purchasing Frigates, as all they can improve their class rank over time. Focus on finding them with positive bonus traits and reasonably balanced stats. You can then send them on multiple missions and slowly increase their class rank.

Types of Frigates

Mastering Frigates And Expeditions: No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: nomansskyfandom

Frigates come in five distinct specializations, each excelling in a specific area:

  1. Combat: These are well-suited for combat situations and can warp to your aid during space battles.
  2. Exploration: They have scanners that can detect nearby Ancient Ruins in the system.
  3. Industrial: They produce Magnetized Ferrite, which you can collect by landing on the Frigate.
  4. Trade: They generate Units that you can collect by landing on the Frigate.
  5. Support: They specialize in conserving fuel, reducing the overall fuel cost of your fleet's expeditions.

When building your fleet, consider your playstyle and objectives. A balanced fleet with a mix of Frigate types is often the most effective way to tackle a variety of missions .

Sending Frigates on Expeditions

Mastering Frigates And Expeditions: No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: fanbyte

Now that you have your Frigates, it's time to send them on expeditions. These offer various rewards, including valuable resources, units, nanites, and rare items. Follow these steps to dispatch your ships on missions :

  1. Access the Fleet Management Terminal: Locate the Fleet Management Terminal on your Freighter. This terminal allows you to manage your Frigate fleet. You need multiple Terminals for multiple simultaneous assignments.
  2. Select an Expedition: From the Fleet Management Terminal, you'll see a list of available missions . Each expedition has different requirements and potential rewards. Click on an expedition to see its details.
  3. Assign Frigates: To participate in an expedition, you'll need to assign them to the mission. Select the ship you want to send by clicking on them. The expedition requirements will dictate which Frigate types are suitable for each mission.
  4. Check Expedition Ratings: Pay attention to the expedition's star rating, which indicates the difficulty and risk level. Ensure your assigned ships collectively meet or exceed this rating.
  5. Inspect Mission Details: Review the mission details, including potential rewards, risks, and required expedition fuel. Make sure you have the necessary resources to fuel the expedition.
  6. Start the Expedition: Once you're satisfied with your Frigate selection and have the required fuel, click the “Start Expedition” button.
  7. Monitor Progress: Every fleet takes real-time hours to complete their journey. You can track their progress from the Fleet Management Terminal. Be patient, as missions can last anywhere from 1 to 24 hours.
  8. Collect Rewards: After an expedition is complete, return to the Fleet Management Terminal to collect your rewards. Be sure to check for damaged Frigates, as they may need repair.
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Optimizing Frigate Performance

To ensure your frigate fleet is operating at its best, consider the following tips:

  1. Upgrade Your Fleet: Over time, invest in upgrading your Frigates' stats and ranks by sending them on missions. This will improve their overall performance.
  2. Repair Damaged Frigates: After each expedition, inspect your them for damage. Damaged ones can't participate in new missions until they're repaired. Use the Fleet Management Terminal to initiate repairs.
  3. Balance Your Fleet: Aim for a balanced fleet with a mix of Frigate types to handle various missions effectively.
  4. Maintain Fuel Supply: Ensure you have enough fuel to send your fleet on missions . Fuel requirements vary depending on the mission's duration and difficulty.
  5. Recruit New Frigates: Continuously look for new Frigates with better stats and traits to replace underperforming ones in your fleet.
  6. Upgrade Your Freighters: Upgrading your Freighter can increase the number of these ships you can deploy on missions simultaneously.
  7. Expand Your Fleet: As you progress in the game, aim to assemble a sizable fleet to maximize your expedition potential.


Frigates are a valuable addition to your No Man's Sky fleet, offering opportunities for resource gathering, unit generation, and adventure. Assemble a diverse group of these ships, carefully select expeditions, and watch your fleet grow in power and capability. With time and effort, your fleet will become a formidable force in the cosmos, enriching your interstellar journey. Now, set course for the stars, Captain, and may your fleet return from their missions with bountiful rewards!


Mastering Frigates And Expeditions: No Man’s Sky Guide
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