Unicorn Overlord – How to Get Unlimited Idealist’s Handmirrors

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Unicorn Overlord – How to Get Unlimited Idealist’s Handmirrors

Here’s a quick guide on farming an infinite supply of Idealist’s Handmirrors in Unicorn Overlord.

Unicorn Overlord is a Tactical RPG that borrows tropes from many classic games such as Tactics Ogre and Fire Emblem. You take charge of the Liberation Army as Alain, the Leader, and fight against the Zenoiran Empire to free the continent of Fervith from their evil clutches.

As you progress through the story, you’ll unlock many recruits and characters to join your ranks and strengthen your army. You’ll be able to upgrade them as they gain experience and also equip all sorts of weapons and armor to make them even stronger. 

Idealist’s Handmirrors are a type of consumable that you can find in Unicorn Overlord. You can use it to change how your characters look and even alter their Growth Types. If you want to max out your army with the best units possible, it’s a must-have. As you might expect, getting your hands on a decent number of this item is pretty difficult.

Fortunately, there’s a way to obtain an infinite supply of this rare consumable. It’s not a bug or exploit, so you won’t break your save file.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can get all the Idealist’s Handmirrors that you’ll ever need in Unicorn Overlord.


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What Does an Idealist’s Handmirror Do?

Unicorn Overlord - How to Get Unlimited Idealist’s Handmirrors

As we said already, an Idealist’s Handmirror is a one-time consumable item that you can get from different Quests as Rewards. You can also get one at the Black Market Dealer in every region for around 30000 G.

With this item, you can change the appearance of your character, give them different accents or even change their hair color. But what makes it even more useful is that it lets you change the Growth Types of your character. So you’ll be able to modify the stats growth of your unit with this item.

Where to Get Unlimited Idealist’s Handmirrors

To access an infinite supply of Idealist’s Handmirrors, you need to get as far as Albion, the final region of the game. You need to liberate the Walled City of Peyston, located in the southwestern part of the region. The Liberation Quest is called The Battle for Peyston, and you should be at least Level 34 or higher to complete it easily.

Since Albion is the late-game region of Unicorn Overlord, you need to have a pretty decent army to defeat the Feathershields and Featherbows you’ll face in the battle. Don’t worry; as long as you have a decent team composition, you should be fine. 

After clearing the quest, you’ll see an Angel Merchant that you can speak to near the southern wall of the town. This merchant will have an infinite supply of Idealist’s Handmirrors that you can buy for 30 honors.

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How to Farm Honors Fast in Unicorn Overlord

If you’re short on Honors required to buy the Idealists Handmirror from this merchant (30 Honors isn’t exactly cheap), there are a couple of places you can farm. The Expert 2 Sigil’s Trial, located on Albion’s West Coast, is a good place to farm the Honors.

Clearing this trial can take around two to three minutes with a strong team formation, and each victory yields around 20 Honors. Here’s a quick and easy strategy:

  • Make a unit with Gryphon Knight or Master as the Leader.
  • Use the Hastend Call Valor Skill 
  • Fly to the enemy command post using the Gryphon unit and capture it.

As a bonus, farming this Sigil’s Trial will also get you plenty of War Funds. The strategy that we mentioned will help you beat the stage even when you’re not at a very high level. Good luck!

Unicorn Overlord – How to Get Unlimited Idealist’s Handmirrors
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