Ultimate Madden Bowl 2024: Players, Format, Schedule, Results & More

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Ultimate Madden Bowl 2024: Players, Format, Schedule, Results & More

It's that time of the year, Madden fans. It's time for the annual Ultimate Madden Bowl!

Going down at the EA studio in Redwood City, California, the fourteen best MCS players will compete across two weeks for their share of the $1 million prize pool and the right to call themselves the Madden Bowl Champion. 

Ultimate Madden Bowl 2024 Competitors

Here are your 14 competitors for the Ultimate Madden Bowl!
Image Source: @EAMaddenNFL_MCS

The Ultimate Madden Bowl field consists of this year's five MCS Challenge winners, the next seven highest-ranked players on the MCS leaderboards, and two LCQ players from the Ultimate Tiebreaker.















By virtue of having won this season's MCS Challenges, Henry, JonBeast, Cobo, Mr Football 88, and Abram have established themselves as players to beat. As the two highest-ranked players this year, Henry and JonBeast earned a bye and will have their first game in the Quarterfinals. Cobo's victory over the highest-earning Madden player of all time, Henry, surprised some and has people itching for a rematch. 

We also can't forget about Dez. Emerging on the scene as a 17-year-old high schooler, Dez made history as the youngest MCS Challenge winner last year and defeated Henry in the 2023 Madden Bowl. 

Despite a 2nd place finish at Ultimate Kickoff last January, Dez has been relatively quiet this season, failing to make any Live Finals of the other MCS Challenges. But you can never count someone as skilled as Dez out. 

Ultimate Madden Bowl Schedule

The Ultimate Madden Bowl will take place across four days: January 30, January 31, February 1, and February 9. Days 1-3 kickoff at 6:30 PM EST (With a 30-minute countdown before kickoff), and the Grand Finals will start at 9:30 PM EST. 

Day 1 Schedule

Game 1: Dez versus Wesley

Game 2: Abram versus Fancy

Game 3: MrFootball88 versus Justin

Game 4: JonBeast versus Game 1 winner

Madden Ultimate Bowl Prize Pool

1st place: $250,000

2nd place: $150,000

3rd-4th place: $100,000

5th-8th place: $55,000

9th-14th place: $30,000

Ultimate Madden Bowl Twitch Drops

Here are the Twitch rewards for the Ultimate Madden Bowl!
Image Source: @EAMaddenNFL_MCS

As the finale of the MCS season, you can expect plenty of rewards for tuning in. Four days of rewards, to be exact. 

For the first three days of the Ultimate Madden Bowl, here's what you can earn:

15 minutes watch time: Standard Drop Pack

60 minutes watch time: Madden Bowl Token Pack

120 minutes watch time: Standard Drop Pack

180 minutes watch time: Madden Bowl Token Pack

240 minutes watch time: Standard Drop Pack

Those Madden tokens are the rewards you don't want to miss because you can turn them in for some pretty exciting rewards. 

1 Token: Standard Drop Pack

3 Tokens: MUT Super Bowl Program Pack (Available on February 2)

3 Tokens MCS Drop Player Fantasy Pack (Contains your choice of any MCS Drop reward player from this year. Available on February 9)

Don't miss the Grand Finals on February 9, as by tuning in, you can get yourself a 94 OVR Kyle Pitts and a 92+ BND Super Bowl Program Fantasy Pack!

In celebration of Madden's partnership with Lexus, log in to Madden today to receive the Lexus Stadium card.

Ultimate Madden Bowl 2024: Players, Format, Schedule, Results & More
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