$125K MCS Playoffs Challenge: Schedule, Players, Results & More

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$125K MCS Playoffs Challenge: Schedule, Players, Results & More

It's time for the final MCS Challenge before the Ultimate Madden Bowl! Here's everything you need to know about tonight's MCS Playoffs Challenge.


MCS Playoffs Challenge Competitors


Mr Football 88 is the seasoned veteran of tonight's 4 competitors.
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Strap will have to face veteran Mr. Football 88 in the opening game of tonight's Playoffs Challenge.
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TJ is competing in his second Majors Final tonight. Will he claim his first MCS belt?
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Kiv is the final competitor of tonight's Playoffs Challenge.
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The player to watch tonight is TJ. Post-Zero Chill Challenge, TJ sits #9 in the MCS Power Rankings. Having proven himself a skilled competitor in his first Major final against JonBeast in last October's Most Feared Challenge, TJ will compete in his second Major Finals tonight, hoping to get his first MCS belt. 

Mr-Football-88 is right on TJ's heels, currently ranked #10. TJ will have his hands full here, with veteran Mr-Football-88 being one of only three players to qualify for every Million Dollar Madden Bowl. 

Kiv sits at #24, behind ZeroChill Challenge finalist Dot. Strap will have the most to prove tonight. 

MCS Playoffs Challenge Schedule

The final MCS Challenge of the year kicks off at 6:30 PM EST, with Mr-Football-88 taking on Strap, followed by TJ and Kiv facing off. 

Prize Pool

1st Place: $30,000

2nd Place: $20,000

3rd & 4th Place: $10,000 each

MCS Playoffs Challenge Twitch Drops

Watch 120 minutes of the MCS Playoffs Challenge to earn yourself a 92 OVR Jonathan Taylor! Make sure your EA and Twitch accounts are linked!

15 minutes watch time: Standard Drop Pack

60 minutes watch time: Standard Drop Pack

120 minutes watch time: MCS Drop Pack (Contains 92 OVR Jonathan Taylor)

150 minutes watch time: Standard Drop Pack

Designed by Abram ZeroChill Challenge Champion, the 92 OVR Jonathan Taylor focuses on Speed, Junk, and Short Route Running ratings. He has a 1 AP discounted RB Ability as well. 

The Twitch Drops for MCS Challenges last year were unfortunately notorious for having time-tracking issues, so make sure yours are working as you're tuning in. 

MCS Playoffs Challenge Winner: Mr Football 88

Congratulations to Mr Football 88 on becoming the MCS Playoffs Challenge Champion! 

The Grand Finals match was a close matchup for most of the game. Toward the end of the 4th, TJ seemed posed to score a TD and overtake 88's 3-point lead, but he made a game-costing mistake. He rushed his second to last drive with constant no huddles, tiring out his players. Instead of running the ball and running down the clock to put more pressure on 88, he stuck to his passing game. TJ made several bad reads. Miraculously, he got away with it every time.

Until he didn't, that is. One last bad read and an interception turned TD by Bo Jackson later, and the momentum and lead shifted in 88's favor, and TJ never recovered.

With that, Mr Football 88 won his first Live Finals and MCS belt. With his Playoffs Challenge victory, Mr Football 88 catapults to a tie for #3 in the MCS standings with Harvest Challenge winner Cobo at 2550 points. TJ is right behind him at 2500 points. 

Mr-Football-88 is now the third seed in the Ultimate Madden Bowl and will face the 14 seed as his first opponent. 

What's Next for MCS: Ultimate Tiebreaker

Next week, the MCS Tiebreaker will decide who the last two players of the Ultimate Madden Bowl will be!
Image Source: @EAMaddenNFL_MCS

The road to the Madden Bowl is coming to a close, but it has one last stop: the Ultimate Tiebreaker!

There are 14 slots for the MCS Ultimate Madden Bowl. Twelve players have already taken their places, but there's four-way time in the MCS standings. Sounds like it's time for a Tiebreaker!

Strap, Astro, Torrey, and Justin all have 1850 MCS points. On January 16 at 7 PM EST, these four will duke it out for $30,000 and the final two slots in the Ultimate Madden Bowl and take on Cobo and Mr Football 88. 

$125K MCS Playoffs Challenge: Schedule, Players, Results & More
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