$125K MCS Zero Chill Challenge: Everything You Need to Know

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$125K MCS Zero Chill Challenge: Everything You Need to Know

It's time for another $125K MCS Challenge! Here's the breakdown for tonight's Zero Chill Challenge. 

MCS Zero Chill Challenge Competitors:


Torrey is the top seed for the MCS Zero Chill Challenge.
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Does Al-Nash have what it takes to beat Torrey?
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Abram could very much use the MCS points from a victory at Zero Chill.
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Can Dot win the Zero Chill Challenge?
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The Most Feared and Harvest Challenges had some of the strongest Madden players competing, like JonBeast, Henry, and Cobo, but the Zero Chill Challenge will be a chance for some lesser-known faces to prove their worth. None of the four competitors are in the top ranked on the MCS 23 Power Rankings. It's anyone's football game tonight. 

MCS Zero Chill Challenge Schedule

Kickoff for the MCS Zero Chill Challenge is 6:30 PM EST. Torrey will face off against Al-Nash, followed by Abram versus Dot. 

Prize Pool

1st Place: $30,000

2nd Place: $20,000

3rd & 4th Place: $10,000 each

The Zero Chill Challenge is the second-to-last MCS Challenge this season, so any MCS points the competitors can obtain will be clutch for their Madden Bowl hopes. 

MCS Zero Chill Challenge Twitch Drops

The Zero Chill Challenge will have some sweet Twitch Drop rewards, including a free 91 OVR Mike Evans.
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Along with the Standard Drop Packs, watching 120 minutes of the Zero Chill Challenge will reward you with the 91 OVR Mike Evans.

15 minutes watch time: Standard Drop Pack

60 minutes watch time: Standard Drop Pack

120 minutes watch time: MCS Drop Pack (Contains 91 OVR Mike Evans)

150 minutes watch time: Standard Drop Pack

Designed by the 1st Harvest Challenge winner Cobo, Mike Evans is a 91 OVR OOP focusing on SPD, MCV, and PRS. He has the Deep Out Zone KO and Deep Route KO abilities. You can also have a discounted Pick Artist Tier 2 ability for 1 AP instead of 2. 

To receive all these rewards, link your EA and Twitch accounts. These are exceptional cards, with Henry's free 89 OVR Isaiah Pola-Mao from the Most Feared Challenge actually playing a role in Cobo's defeat over Henry. They're also completely free to obtain. 

Time-tracking issues are still a problem. Your web browser choice does seem to have an impact. From experience, Google Chrome never gives me any time-tracking issues.

What's Up Next: MCS Playoff Challenge

The $125k MCS Playoff Challenge will be the final MCS Challenge of the season. Players have until December 11 to register, and ladder matches begin December 9. 

$125K MCS Zero Chill Challenge: Everything You Need to Know
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