Ultimate Gamer Launches $1M Global Esports Competition

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Ultimate Gamer Launches $1M Global Esports Competition

Ultimate Gamer is on the prowl for the “Best Gamer on Earth®” with the Ultimate Gamer Worldwide Open.

There is no better time for esports and video games to thrive, taking full advantage of the millions stuck at home. Ultimate Gamer is putting gamers’ skills to the test and open up the floor for anyone to claim a piece at $1,000,000. The Ultimate Gamer Championship will span over the entirety of 2021, geared at finding the best gamer in the world, across over six different games in five different genres, including First-Person Shooters, MOBAs, Sports, and Fighting games. Beginning on February 20th, the Ultimate Gamer Champion Series will feature a COD Warzone event featuring Hollywood TW and a $5,000 prize pool.

“At Ultimate Gamer, it’s our mission to give everyday gamers who are normally not supported a place to test their skills in a variety of titles, play against gamers from all over the world, and celebrate gaming on the largest scale possible”, stated Steve Suarez, Ultimate Gamer CEO.

In the Fall of 2021, the final event will take place with two hundred players all vying at the opportunity to declare themselves the best. The winner will walk away with $300,000 and the runner up will receive $150,000, and all other contestants will receive smaller portions. The entry fee on events ranges from $10-$20, and gamers can sign up on Ultimate Gamer Arena and Ultimate Gamer’s website.

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