UGC Launches Scholastic Arm with Flagship Tournament, Battle Academy

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UGC Launches Scholastic Arm with Flagship Tournament, Battle Academy

Scholastic esports are receiving more love courtesy of Ultimate Gaming Championship from Nov. 9- Dec. 12, with the launch of UGC EDU and their flagship $25,000 Battle Academy tournament series.

Esports has grown exponentially in 2020, and with the expansion of professional events, support for collegiate gaming continues to climb. Blizzard made its own attempt to foster the collegiate esports scene with an organization called Tespa, but UGC is here to make it a reality with UGC EDU. UGC EDU is set to host a Valorant and Rocket League tournament series called Battle Academy for high school and college students looking to score extra tuition money. “After months of optimizing our digital infrastructure, we're thrilled to launch Battle Academy as the first initiative of UGC EDU,” says Matt Jackson, CEO & Founder of Ultimate Gaming Championship “SHI Int’l Corp, LG, Intel, and Acer share our vision for enhancing the future of esports by serving institutions and students across competition, scholarship, and curriculum sectors. We believe esports will fit the same missional properties to that of traditional sports and are excited to support the next generation of students on the digital playing field.” A majority of professional gamers began in their early years, competing with friends after school or packing a common space on campus to host a tournament. Not only will the players have a shot at the $25,000 prize pool, but the winning schools will receive an upgrade to their gaming equipment.

UGC has hosted numerous successful esports events, including the Gears of War Pro Circuit Las Vegas Open and the Rend Lake College Collegiate Esports Circuit. Across the United States, schools are going back in session, despite the unstable time we live in. UGC EDU will be hosting live events and online tournaments to accommodate player circumstances while striving to provide an authentic competitive experience. UGC EDU is making Battle Academy free to enter for any high school or college student in the United States, a stride to keep the tournament as inclusive as possible.

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