Ubisoft Begins Technical Test For Hyper Scape

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Ubisoft Begins Technical Test For Hyper Scape

A new addition to the Battle Royale genre is here with some unique twists

Looking for a new game to devote way too much time to this weekend? Look no further than Ubisoft’s new battle royale game – Hyper Scape.

Hyper Scape is a FPS Battle Royale that takes place in a massive 1km x 1km virtual city called Neo Arcadia. Up to 100 players will drop onto the map choosing any sector they want to start. Once on the ground, players will quickly grab loot to make themselves more formidable. As time passes, sectors of Neo Arcadia will Decay leaving only one sector for those that remain to fight it out or crown themselves king.

Special Abilities and Weapons

There are a total of nine special abilities called Hacks and each player can hold up to two at one time. It is important to pick a pair that compliments each other well and stick to them, so you can upgrade them throughout the match. You can hold two Hacks and two Weapons all of which can be upgraded five times to reach their peak level of performance. Upgrading is as easy as picking up the same weapon or hack to “fuse” them together.

Hacks include: Teleport, Slam, Heal, Wall, Invisibility, Mine, Armor, Reveal, and Ball. Being able to use Slam to launch high above the city buildings and come crashing down on an opponent is an exhilarating and enjoyable experience reminiscent of the original Crackdown game. Slam also doubles nicely as a retreat option when things get dicey. Another fun Hack is Ball, which allows you to morph into an impenetrable bouncy ball to impose yourself around the map. Try them all out and figure out what works best with your skillset.

What Makes Hyper Scape Unique

When you make a game in an arguably saturated field, you probably want to do something that sets it apart from the competition. Sometimes those new, shiny things fall flat, but I am confident the gaming community will enjoy the changes Ubisoft created.

Probably the newest addition to the genre is crowd interaction. With the new Crowncast Twitch extension, Hyper Scape allows viewers to vote to change the map in real-time. It is unclear just how many different ways the crowd will be able to affect the game, however, the favorite seems to be low-gravity. Classic.

Some minor tweaks to the gameplay include a double-jump (YES), weapon and ability fusion upgrades, a focus on rooftop and vertical mobility, and a revive system that could help prolong your endeavor.

When a player dies, they become an Echo. Echos are ghosts basically that can provide valuable vision for teammates. Once a teammate kills an enemy, a revive platform will spawn allowing your team to get you back in the action.

Lastly, once a match dissolves into one sector, the Showdown begins and players will have the choice of killing off their opponents or grabbing the Crown and holding on for dear life. If you are still holding the Crown after 45 seconds, YOU WIN!

How to Get Access to the Technical Test

Much like Valorant, Hyper Scape is running a beta that is only accessible if you obtain a drop from watching Twitch streams. Ubisoft provided a helpful step-by-step guide that breaks it all down and gets you access quickly. For more information about the game check out their site for tips and tricks and their latest video on the game to learn everything you need to leap ahead of your friends and your enemies.

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