Twisted Minds 1st Gamers8 Club Awards Club Champions

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Twisted Minds 1st Gamers8 Club Awards Club Champions

Twisted Minds is our first Gamers8 Club Champions!

The Gamers8 Esports Festival is finally over. After eight weeks of grueling tournament play across 15 games, tournament winners have been crowned, and Gamers8 Club Awards points tallied.

Organizations needed to place in the Top 8 of at least two tournaments to qualify. Twenty-nine organizations failed to meet this requirement and immediately found themselves out of the running. After the smoke settled, Gamers8 announced that the Saudi-based Esports organization Twisted Minds is the inaugural Gamers8 Club Awards Grand Prize winner.

Twisted Minds' PUBG roster led the charge with a second-place finish that netted the organization 35 points. Japko and fellow Polish Fortnite pro Kami teamed up for the Gamers8 Fortnite tournament. With top four spots in all three days, the duo easily came out on top, earning 25 points for their respective organizations.

Twisted Minds saw success in the Tekken 7 Nations Cup with representative Arslan Ash and Team Pakistan. Team Pakistan member Fate Atif would defeat Tekken legend Knee of Korea to secure the Nations Cup for Team Pakistan, earning Twisted Minds 16.67 points. Finally, Twisted Minds' first Starcraft 2 player, Classic, ended the Gamers8 Starcraft 2 tournament with a respectable 5th-8th place finish, earning Twisted Minds 5 points.

With 81.67 points, Twisted Minds had more than enough points to become the Grand Prize winners, earning $1,500,000 in additional prize money.

Team BDS placed second in the Gamers8 Club Awards with 65 points. Their Rainbow Six Siege team led the charge, successfully defending their Gamers8 2022 title and earning BDS a massive 50 points. Their Rocket League team carried the ball from there, earning 15 points after finishing second to Rule One in the Semi-Finals. For their second-place finish, Team BDS won $1,100,000.

Team Vitality and Gaimin Gladiators are joint third-place finishers, with each organization earning 55 points. Team Vitality showed its dominance in CS:GO with a 2-1 victory over ENCE to become Champions and earn 50 points. They also played pretty well in Rocket League, earning 5 points.

For Gaimin Gladiators, Kami came in clutch with 25 points for his dominant performance alongside Twisted Minds' Japko. Their PUBG Mobile team would finish the tournament third overall, earning 20 points for Twisted Minds, and a DOTA 2 Semi Finals finish gave them 10 more points.

Team Vitality and Gaimin Gladiators split the third-place prize money, each earning $687,500.

The 5th-8th place finishing organizations are:

5th place: Team Liquid $425,000
6th place: Team Falcons $300,000
7th place: G2 Esports $200,000
8th place: Ninjas in Pyjamas $100,000

Congratulations again to all Top 8 organizations and to Twisted Minds for becoming the first Gamers8 Club Champions!


Twisted Minds 1st Gamers8 Club Awards Club Champions
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