Twilight Joins The Toronto Defiant For OWL 2022

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Twilight Joins The Toronto Defiant For OWL 2022

It's Twilight in Toronto.

Joo-Seok “Twilight” Lee is now heading to his third Overwatch League team. As he joins the Toronto Defiant as their Flex Support, he becomes the first player to represent both Canadian teams in the league. Although Twilight is a fantastic player, it’s understandable that the San Francisco Shock would release him after the 2021 season. Especially given that Minki “Viol2t” Park is in the starting spot as the team’s Flex Support. It’s evident that the Shock’s impressive roster depth finally caught up to them. Many players have left the team to seek options in which they’ll be in starting positions every game. As players like Twilight deserve.

New Champ in Tdot

Twilight technically isn’t Toronto’s first Overwatch League Champion, but he might as well be. Andreas “Nevix” Karlsson is a 2019 champion, but it was rare to ever see him play in that season, making Twilight the first league Champion on the Defiant that actually played in a Championship match.

While this is an amazing pick-up for the team, many are still confused about why Toronto released their 2021 Flex Support Jungwon “Lastro” Mun in the first place. Coming off of his second season in the league, he was making considerable improvements. Honestly, he was the standout player in the backline. Despite that bit of confusion though, there aren’t many other Flex Supports you’d want on your team before Twilight. So this addition to the roster is beginning to once again make fans realize why the roster was almost completely wiped and reset.

Twilight Joins The Toronto Defiant For OWL 2022
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