Top Esports Organizations of 2020

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Top Esports Organizations of 2020


This North American esports organization has a history in a majority of the established esports. Beginning with League of Legends, Cloud9 if not anything, was consistently making it to nearly ever LoL Worlds since their beginning. Their CS team has won a few notable Majors, and their Overwatch League team, the London Spitfire claimed victory in the Season 1 Grand Finals. Cloud9 recently just claimed another accomplishment for their League of Legends team. For the first time in six years, Cloud9 won an LCS title, claiming victory over FlyQuest with ease. Cloud9 were massive betting favorites to win the LCS title vs FlyQuest at an odds of -1650. This seemed like a guaranteed win (which it was), but in the LEC the Mad Lions defeated G2 who were -1800 favorites. This means $100 would have netted you $1800 at an esports betting site.

Part of what makes esports organizations so strong is how they support their lower-tier talent and teams, such as Cloud9 Academy in League of Legends. As their tier 1 team was dominating the Spring Split, the Cloud9 Academy team pulled off a dominant 3-0 of Evil Geniuses Academy team. It isn’t just the organizations’ accomplishments that landed them on the list. Rather, the culture built around this brand has made it a staple in esports for years, through the memes, huge wins, and large roster of personalities.


You’d be remiss not to mention 100Thieves in any list that talks about major esports organizations. Legendary Mathew “Nadeshot” Haag founded this organization back in 2017, and since then they have strived to develop a community of professional players and talented personalities. When Riot’s new Valorant title was released, 100 Thieves was the first to host a tournament which brought in over 500,000 viewers and broke Twitch records. 100 Thieves may not have world championship titles under their belt, but the roster of players they do have boast a personality of their own which adds to the organization as a whole. Their Fortnite crew is their most prominent feature, along with a bevy of talented Call of Duty streamers. Many consider 100 Thieves to be the “Supreme of esports”, and that comes from years of building a cultural identity.

FaZe Clan

When discussing cultural identity, it is impossible not to recognize the kings of social influence, FaZe clan. At its heart, FaZe is a Call of Duty giant that made a name for itself incorporating celebrities and professional gamers into their roster of talent. FaZe has a sphere of influence unlike any other esports organization, and on top of that, famous musicians like Offset have aligned themselves with the brand signing massive streaming deals. FaZe may not pull trophies like it used to, but the lasting impact it has had on the industry will be felt for years to come. Branching out to other professionals in the entertainment realm has made FaZe a strong organization with diversity.

Team Liquid

No other organization screams legacy quite like Team Liquid. The organization began back in the humble days of Starcraft 2, only to slowly evolve and grow over time. Organizations like FaZe Clan and 100 Thieves have focused on diversifying themselves while TL has remained true to the “Liquid way”. The community that Team Liquid has built throughout the years has only made them stronger in competitions. Team Liquid has claimed titles across CS: GO, Super Smash Bros., Dota, and League of Legends, earning themselves a name as a top tier organization with unstoppable teams.

North American organizations don’t always have the best track records, but Team Liquid defied the odds and built a legacy. Their most recent LCS Spring Split results were less than favorable, but as always, their CS: GO team has been cleaning up in the ESL Pro League. Team Liquid’s partnerships over the years have helped solidify them as a staple in the esports world, while expanding their audience beyond their home industry.


The last organization on this list goes to one that has devoted itself to making social changes in the gaming community. Gen.G has a hit or miss CS: GO record, and their Overwatch League team, the Seoul Dynasty, has a loyal fanbase. More than that, Gen.G’s efforts to create a welcoming and safe environment for all gamers have landed them on this list.

In the past year, Gen.G has not only built a roster of talented female Fortnite players, but their partnerships are always geared at a social cause. Gen.G’s partnership with the University of Kentucky, More Labs, and Benefit Cosmetics are all geared at the well-being of its players, staff, and fans. Among that, they also have built teams in unlikely esports such as PUBG and Heroes of the Storm. Here, they've claimed more than a handful of championship titles. Gen.G has been growing at an exponential rate. If given time on its current trajectory, they could compete with the likes of Team Liquid when it comes to legacy.

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