TL vs GAM Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 5

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TL vs GAM Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 5

It's a struggle for survival as two world-class teams fought for their right to stay in the competition on Day 4 of Worlds Swiss Stage. TL vs GAM – LCS vs VCS

Steal as many Barons as you want from Pyosik, he'll still win the game on Kindred.

It was a tense best-of-three series for both teams as both were one loss away from going 0-3 and going home. And with the week's end so close at hand, it took everything from both teams to win their fights and bounce back from the losses.

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TL vs GAM Recap

Game 1

Team Liquid prioritized banning Kai'sa, Rell and Xayah because of how dominant these picks have been in the last few days, while the boys at GAM locked in a strong Zeri-Rakan engage comp. With APA on J4 and CoreJJ playing Thresh, Yeon could afford to comfortably farm throughout the earlygame. On the other hand, GAM's jungler ult had the potential to set up massive damage from Kiaya's Rumble, so the LCS team needed to scale fast.


In the first 8 minutes, both teams traded damage across the map but none were willing to commit and risk a misplay. By minute 9, TL finally secured the first kill on Kati after catching the VCS ADC on top lane. It might have been the nerves, but both teams couldn't make a well-coordinated engage to rack up a kill/gold advantage. Later on, TL took first drake.

GAM found their first kill thanks to Levi, but Summit teleported down to botlane to keep his team in the advantage. Still, GAM was getting more aggressive, and managed to steal the first Rift Herald when TL wasn't looking. And to make matters worse, Kati took down TL's top turret while Summit was fighting at botlane, equalizing the gold count.

At this point, GAM focused on funneling gold into their AD Carry. And after a few more scraps, Kiaya and co. had more jungle control with important vision leading to Baron pit. Even still, their sights were set on a Mountain Drake, which they were able to get after scoring an ace against Team Liquid.

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After a few more teamfights, it became clear that TL didn't have the positioning to find success in any clash. And despite the comfortable draft and all of the advantages they had, Team Liquid unfortunately couldn't perform like a world-class pro-team in their match against the VCS champs.

Quick Stats

  • Teams: TL 0 – 1 GAM
  • Time: 28:29
  • Kills: 8 – 15
  • Turrets: 2 – 8
  • Gold: 45.3k – 55.6k
  • Dragons: 2 – 1
  • Barons: 0 – 1

Game 2

Pyosik was a well-known terror on Kindred, and the audience finally got to witness his high-tier jungle play on The Eternal Hunters after it was banned in the LCS for a whole year.


Right off the bat, Team Liquid's star Jungler got the first blood after roaming down to bot, baiting Slayder's flash in the process. Considering the draft, Pyosik was going to have to keep his eyes on Yeon and Corejj since their 2v2 potential was a step below GAM's. Another gank at the 6-minute mark gave Pyosik another mark on Palette, giving TL a much-needed lead.

After Kati baited 3 members from TL, his entire team collapsed for a big teamfight. Luckily for APA and co., Pyosik's Kindred ult was able to salvage the situation and got them out alive while Yeon got plates at bottom side. At 15 minutes, TL had a lot of confidence despite GAM taking the first Infernal Drake. At the same time, the VCS impressively stayed within striking distance gold-wise.

As expected, Pyosik's Kindred tore through GAM's ranks by the 20-minute mark when he went on a 4-0 killing spree. That said, GAM still had a few tricks up their sleeve. After a stunning Baron steal by Levi, TL had to reorganize quickly for Chemdrake, which they were able to get. And after a scrappy 5v5 team clash on top jungle went to Liquid, the team rushed mid to secure their first win.

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Quick Stats

  • Teams: TL 1 – 1 GAM
  • Time: 25:09
  • Kills: 14 – 6
  • Turrets: 9 – 1
  • Gold: 49.2k – 42.6k
  • Dragons: 1 – 2
  • Barons: 0 – 1

Game 3

Summit took on more responsibility when the top-laner opted for Jax while GAM's comp had the better control mage in their draft. On top of that, Levi locked in his signature Wukong, which was bound to tip the scales and counter APA's pick in the midgame.


Extremely chaotic 2v2 brawls at top lane ended in GAM's gold lead. Over to midlane, APA was hard pushing while his teammates respawned. Sensing the pattern, Palette roamed to top and helped his team get another pick, solidifying a 3-kill earlygame advantage. Outplays from Kiaya put TL 1k gold behind.

GAM dropped Herald at mid after they forced TL to retreat, burning Summoner Spells from Pyosik and co. in the process. And after Kiaya's K'sante fully built Icebourne Gauntlet, his kill pressure was just too high in teamfights.

Following a 3-for-1 win and their second dragon take, GAM felt primed to take the series. But to seal the deal, the VCS team needed Baron Buff. TL tried to contest, but was chased out of the jungle entirely after APA fell, leaving Nashor completely undefended for the GAM taking. In the late-game, TL had to make a big play. But all efforts led to Team Liquid being scattered across the map and killed one by one.

GAM claimed a dominating bo3 series win on Day 5 with a deathless victory from Kiaya and Slayder.

Quick Stats

  • Teams: GAM 2 – 1 TL
  • Time: 34:37
  • Kills: 19 – 4
  • Turrets: 11 – 4
  • Gold: 69.2k – 58.4k
  • Dragons: 4 – 1
  • Barons: 1 – 0

How to watch Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage

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TL vs GAM Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 5
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