Throne and Liberty Hosting Technical Test for US Players

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Throne and Liberty Hosting Technical Test for US Players

How would you like to bring in the Autumn season with a little Throne and Liberty?

US players have the opportunity to take part in a Throne and Liberty Technical Test later this month!
Image Source: NCSOFT

NCSOFT and Amazon Games have announced a Confidential Technical Test for the upcoming MMORPG Throne and Liberty for US-based players. The test will be cross-play and available to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S players.  

The Confidential Technical Test will allow players to have their first hands-on experience with Throne and Liberty and test out the PVE & PVP content, including dungeon crawls, castle sieges, and guild battles. 

Confidential Technical Test begins on September 9 at 2 PM PT and will end on October 3 at 7 PM PT. The players NCSOFT chooses for the Confidential Technical Test will receive their invitation via email by September 14. All players involved in the CTT are subject to an NDA. 

NCSOFT and Amazon Games are planning tests for other regions around the world at later dates. US players interested in the first Confidential Technical Test can sign up here