NCsoft Partnering With Amazon Games For Throne and Liberty

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NCsoft Partnering With Amazon Games For Throne and Liberty

Throne and Liberty is almost here, and NCsoft is partnering with an industry juggernaut to make its global release as successful as possible.

After several name changes and over 12 years of development, the long-anticipated Throne and Liberty is finally almost here. The final Korean tests for Throne and Liberty took place last week, and a pre-launch marketing campaign should be imminent. There isn't a concrete release date yet, but we can expect Throne and Liberty to come out sometime in the first half of 2023. 


Throne and Liberty will receive a global launch, and to ensure the worldwide release goes well, NCSoft has teamed up with the busy bees over at Amazon Games. Amazon Games will be handling the publishing of Throne and Liberty in North America, South America, Europe, and Japan. Throne and Liberty will be available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Series X/S. Cross-platform play functionality will be available.

A Much Needed Win for NCsoft

NCsoft is one of the most household names in the MMO market, responsible for developing and/or publishing MMO classics like Guild Wars, Lineage, and Aion. As far as Korean MMO developers go, these are the folks you should know.

Despite its well-deserved reputation, NCSoft has had a rough start to 2023 after a somewhat disappointing 2022. NCsoft West laid off 20% of its workforce earlier this year, with CEO Jeff Anderson also departing the studio. Blade & Soul did not do well financially in 2022, and NCSoft's western catalog also massively underperformed. NCsoft made assurances that these layoffs would not affect Throne and Liberty in any way. I sure hope not because NCsoft could use the win. 

The reach of Amazon is undeniable, and with NCsoft struggling to connect with Western gamers, this partnership seems like the right move. Now would probably be a good time for an official Throne and Liberty Twitter account to pop up too. Stay tuned for more updates. 


NCsoft Partnering With Amazon Games For Throne and Liberty
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