The Vancouver Titans Release their Entire Overwatch League Roster

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The Vancouver Titans Release their Entire Overwatch League Roster

After weeks of speculation and numerous roster cuts, the Vancouver Titans have released an official statement.

It is no secret that something has been going on internally with the Vancouver Titans. The first to leave the team was tank player HyunWoo “JJANU” Choi, followed by coach Hwang “PaJion” Jisub. Players removed the Vancouver Titans from their social media profiles last sparking even more debate. On May 6, 2020, Tim Holloway, Esports Director of Aquilini Entertainment announced the release of every player on the Titans’ roster.

The Titans Say Goodbye

The letter doesn’t go into detail about what caused this sweeping change in their roster. It opts to address the early season losses the Vancouver Titans had combined with the looming COVID-19 pandemic. “Our initial plan was for the team to join the Asian division and continue to play the new schedule from the comfort of players’ homes, but it was quickly apparent that this created a whole new set of challenges. The time difference made it difficult for management and the home fanbase to connect with the team and technical challenges for the players playing from home further exacerbated the situation.”

The letter continues and confirms that HyoJong “HakSal” Kim, Minsoo “Seominsoo” Seo, Seongjun “Slime” Kim, Chunghee “Stitch” Lee, Juseok “Twilight” Lee, JeHong “RyuJeHong” Yu, Chan Hyeong “Fissure” Baek, Yangwon “Yang1” Kweon, and Jae Hong “Andante” Hwang will all be leaving the team. This leaves the Vancouver Titans with no one on their team, but there are plans to announce a new roster soon. The Vancouver Titans are set to play two matches this weekend so it's only a matter of time before we see the new squad.

Potential New Roster

The most reasonable thing that the Vancouver Titans will do is pick up a complete Contenders roster. Rumors have circulated that several Third Impact’s roster will be joining the Overwatch League team. A tasteful tweet on may 4th suggested that the Contenders team may have big changes coming soon. On top of that, Matthew “super” DeLisi confirmed that the Vancouver Titans do indeed have a roster ready to go, but have yet to announce it. 2020 has been a troubling year for the Overwatch League. COVID-19 hit hard and the recent changes Blizzard has made to the game aren’t sticking well with fans. The hope is that this new roster will be able to pick up the mantle of a championship-capable team.

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