The Ultimate Fortnite OG Grapple Glove Guide

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The Ultimate Fortnite OG Grapple Glove Guide

Channel your inner Spider-Man into the Fortnite world with our Fortnite OG Grapple Glove guide

Week two of the Fortnite OG frenzy is well underway, bringing with it a host of new and old locations, items, and weapons to strategically employ against adversaries. In the latest micro-update, Epic Games has resurrected weapons from past chapters and confirmed that an old fan favorite is all set to renter the scene: the Grapple Glove.

Back in Chapter 4, the Grapple Glove was a standout mobility item, ranking alongside the ODM Gear and the Spider-verse Web-Shooters. Epic Games vaulted the weapon regardless of its high popularity. Thankfully, they have decided to bring it back, and here is all you need to know about the Fortnite OG Grapple Glove.

How to Find the Grapple Glove in Fortnite OG?

Finding the Grapple Glove in Fortnite Season OG is no easy feat, as it is primarily attainable through random rift encounters. A stroke of good luck is essential to get your hands on this coveted item, requiring you to be in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, pinpointing the exact location of a Rift encounter is impossible, so players need to stay alert and attentive throughout.

Are there other ways to acquire the Grapple Glove in Fortnite OG? Yes, players can also get it from supply drops spread across the game world.You may need to open several boxes before obtaining the desired item, so there's no need to feel frustrated if you don't find what you're looking for in the first few attempts.

In previous seasons of Fortnite, certain NPCs were consistently positioned in specific locations on the map, regardless of their nature. The introduction of random encounters, nonetheless, added an element of unpredictability, causing characters to appear spontaneously anywhere on the map—an example being the Grapple Glove encounter.

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The Ultimate Fortnite OG Grapple Glove Guide

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Initially, the OG map in Fortnite was crafted without NPCs, maintaining the game's Chapter 1 structure. A recent update, however, has introduced a significant change. Now, players have the chance to experience a random rift event on the Season OG map, leading to the appearance of the Anarchy Agent character. The NPC spawns beside a toolbox that holds the Grapple Glove.

How to Use The Fortnite OG Grapple Glove?

Ready for some Grapple Gun action in Fortnite OG? Just switch to it in your inventory, load it, aim at your target, and hold down the firing button. Zip off to your chosen spot, line up your next shot mid-swing, and keep the Grapple Gun adventure going until you're out of ‘ammo' or hit your target!

In Fortnite, not every surface is suitable for grappling, so stay alert for the presence of a white circle. This visual marker denotes the specific locations where you have the green light to employ the grapple. As you traverse the terrain, rely on this handy indicator to guide your grappling endeavors for maximum efficiency.

With each swing, you'll ramp up your speed, hitting maximum velocity by the third go. Other than swinging, you can also use the Grapple Glove for mantling and sliding.

If you happen to touch the ground while swinging, don't fret. As long as you maintain some momentum, you'll keep moving forward. You can continue swinging even after landing by quickly grappling onto an object within a few seconds.

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The game doesn’t allow you to hold onto multiple Grapple Gloves at the same time. If you find another one, you have to ditch the one you have and pick up the new one.

Keep an eye on your shot count—each Grapple Glove is equipped with a total of 30 shots, so use them wisely during your swings or escapes. Once the swinging session ends or if you've been down on the ground for some time, the Grapple Glove enters cooldown mode. Keep in mind, the longer you've been swinging, the more time the Grapple Glove needs to cool off before it's all set for another airborne adventure!

The Ultimate Fortnite OG Grapple Glove Guide
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