The Tokyo Game Show 2022 Capcom Showcase

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The Tokyo Game Show 2022 Capcom Showcase

Capcom's Tokyo Game Show 2022 presentation has just wrapped and here is everything you need to know in one package.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's Free Update 2

While Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is already out for both PC and Nintendo Switch. The expansion is well, expanding as Capcom has just revealed the details surrounding the second free content update available on September 29. Not only will players be able to face stronger, new variants or some of Monster Hunter's iconic monsters there's also gonna be a completely new tier of equipment for you to hunt down.

The update will also give players the ability to change the look of their weapons with the new layered weapon system. With this comes also a ton of new cosmetics to hunt down and grab from the DLC store to individualize your hunter. New weekly quests and further Anomaly Investigations now going up to Level 120!

Resident Evil Village – Gold Edition

Resident Evil Village was released back in 2021 to a lot of fanfare and after a long wait, the DLC is almost here. This will include a third-person mode in the style of the Resident Evil 2 & 3 Remake allowing you to see Ethan Winter and the cursed village in a whole new perspective. But that's not all, the Gold Edition and a DLC will come with the Shadows of Rose DLC which will also be playable with the third-person mode.

The Shadows of Rose DLC will serve as a sort of epilogue of the events of Resident Evil Village and comes with new story and gameplay challengers. Players will play as Ethan's daughter Rose as she learns to control her new abilities. And while you have special abilities every enemy will kill you in just one hit so be careful. And no Resident Evil DLC would be complete without another addition to the Mercenaries mode. This will include additional challenges and new playable characters like Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg.

But that's not all! Resident Evil Village will also come to the Nintendo Switch with the cloud version. That version will release with the Gold Edition and is currently available as a demo. The Winters expansion will be released for Switch in December.

Resident Evil is coming to Switch and Resident Evil 4 Update

Speaking of the Nintendo Switch and the Cloud. Capcom has announced that even more titles will find their way onto the Nintendo Switch, this Includes Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2 Remake, and Resident Evil 3 Remake. While none of the games have an official launch date yet for the platform we can expect them in a timely fashion probably sometime next year.

This brings us to Resident Evil 4 Remake. While development is still on track and the game is supposed to release on March 24, 2023. The development team at Capcom has decided to make the game available for last gen platforms as well. Currently, the game is expected to release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC the possibility of an Xbox One and a Nintendo Switch port is still up in the air. There'll also be a special Resident Evil event next month with more information about the future of the cult franchise.

More Exoprimal News

Exoprimal looks like Capcom's next attempt to break into the coop third-person shooter genre they more or less created with Resident Evil 4. While Exoprimal isn't the Dino Crises revival we all hoped for a game with mecha suits shooting on hordes of dinosaurs while competing for objectives will do. Everything we've seen of Exoprimal so far looks absolutely stunning and with Capcom being the masters of action games that they are, there is little we have to worry on the gameplay front.

This new gameplay trailer gave us some more in-depth insight into what the different classes will look like and what their function in combat is. But for those not in the know, Exoprimal is a squad-based multiplayer shooter that has teams compete and or cooperate to complete objectives during a match. The most recent trailer also gave us a little bit of insight about the story so check it out. Exoprimal releases in 2023 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

That sums up our recap of the Capcom Tokyo Game Show Showcase. You can check out our coverage of all the new Street Fighter 6 info here and for more TGS coverage and esports news, visit us here on ESTNN

The Tokyo Game Show 2022 Capcom Showcase
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