Street Fighter 6 Is Looking Really Good

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Street Fighter 6 Is Looking Really Good

The Capcom Tokyo Game Show Showcase has just wrapped and we got more details on Street Fighter 6!

Return of the Old Guard

First, the Roster of Street Fighter 6 has jumped in size! Four more characters will hit the streets and they are some of Street Fighters' most iconic characters from the arcade days! First up is Ryu's eternal rival and best friend Ken who's going for a rougher look this time around. His arsenal included everything you'd expect from the classic shoto-archetype but he's faster and more aggressive than his counterpart Ryu.

E. Honda will also join the fight after sitting out Street Fighter V in its entirety. Bringing the strong-style players have grown accustomed to. Blanka is also back, bringing his electrifying grabs and strikes and so is the most terrifying yogi to ever be put in a video game: Dhalsim. This brings the roster up to 11 with even more characters still to come.

World Tour: Experience the World of Street Fighter

Street Fighter's extended universe is bonkers no doubt. After all, we have ancient warriors clash with demons, criminals turned mayor, and amazon tour guides and for the first time ever you get to explore a chunk of this world. As the newest trainee for Luke's Gym, you can create your own character and explore Metro City at your own leisure. This is gonna be Street Fighter 6's story mode and there are lots to do.

Of course, your goal is to carve out a name for yourself as one of Metro City's fiercest contenders. For that, you can challenge random people on the street for a dynamic battle and gather a crowd to watch the show. You can sign up for classes with some of Street Fighter's iconic characters and learn their fighting style and mix and match it as you see fit and then test your mettle. Those special abilities will also help you traverse the open world of Metro City, like firing a fireball to get rid of obstacles, uppercut your way up ledges, or using a dragon kick to extend your jumps.

On your way to the top, you can train by engaging in all kinds of wild mini-games. Classic ones like thrashing cars or engaging in some good old Street's (Fighter) of Rage. Doing this will unlock more and more of the open world as you level up which in term will allow you to buy more clothes and gear for your character. What's all of that for?

The Battlehub: The Street Fighter Metaverse

No need to buy expensive VR headsets though, the Battlehub is Street Fighter 6's online hang-out zone. Here you can meet up and hang out with other players around the globe and challenge them to a fight. The character you created and dripped out in the world tour will represent you here. You can watch other players compete, play classic Street Fighter titles, or generally just hang out.

We don't know exactly how this feature came about but it aims to recreate the atmosphere of an arcade. Meet people, play a couple of rounds with them and push each other to the limit. Street Fighter 6 will probably also feature a full-blown ranked more and costume rooms as is common with fighting games these days. But this feature makes it feel like hitting up your local fighting game haunt and forging some rivalries. It beats just being matched with random players in a queue that you'll never meet again after a rematch. We're excited.

Extreme Battles & Closed Beta

We also say the announcement that extreme battles will make an entry into Street Fighter 6. Instead of an intense match-up, why not add an element of chaos to all of this? Either add objects that players can lob at each other or stage hazards that must be dodged. This will surely shake up your regular contest and help you unwind after a close contest.

Oh and Street Fighter 6 is gonna have a closed beta test from October 7 to October 10. To sign up, hit up Capcom's website here. You'll be able to play 8 of the already revealed characters, test out the new Battle Hub and try the aforementioned Extreme Battles and even some of the minigames!

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Street Fighter 6 Is Looking Really Good
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