The Outlast Trials Tips and Tricks for Solo Players

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The Outlast Trials Tips and Tricks for Solo Players

If you are a solo player, The Outlast Trials tips and tricks for solo players is what you were looking for. Although the game is designed to be played cooperatively with other players, it is also possible to tackle the trials alone. Obviously, the gaming experience will be different and certainly more complicated.

The Outlast Trials Tips and Tricks for Solo Players

Tackling The Outlast Trials alone is not a simple thing at all. Even if you are a fan of this category of games, The Outlast Trials will put both your skills and your nerves to the test. Consequently, although many of the tips and tricks we have given you for the multiplayer experience remain valid, there are others that are ad hoc for the solo experience. Let's see together what it is.

Don't Rush

This is advice that applies on a general level, even if you are playing with other players, but when playing solo, it is even more accentuated. Don't rush; take all the time you need to complete the objectives. Some will be very simple to complete, but others will take longer and be more complex. For this reason, don't rush into it.

Explore your surroundings well, try to understand where the traps are positioned and what path the enemies take; and try to stay as far away from them as possible. You are alone in this scenario and no one will come to help you if things go wrong. Pay attention to everything, because even the smallest detail can make the difference between life and death.

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Use Throwables Items

If in a company it's something you can avoid doing, it's not like that when you're alone. Making use of throwable objects is certainly your salvation (and luck) on many occasions that will arise during The Outlast Trials. The environments are vast, getting lost is easy, and to make matters worse, there are several enemies patrolling the area. If you find yourself in a place where you don't know how to proceed without being seen, throw an object in the opposite direction to catch the enemy's attention.

It may seem like a useless and trivial thing to do, but it is actually very effective. There will be situations in which continuing without the enemies noticing your presence is practically impossible, so making use of throwable objects is the best ace up your sleeve you can have. For this reason, try to always have in your inventory at least one bottle or a brick to throw when necessary.

The Outlast Trials tips and tricks for solo players

Use Prescriptions

In The Outlast Trials, after you reach Player Level 3, you will have access to the pharmacy. This structure is very important because it allows you to buy prescriptions, i.e., enhancements that will help you make your tests easier. In solo, you cannot consider moving forward without using it; the game would become excessively complicated to play.

The prescriptions, as we have explained in detail in this article, are divided into three different tiers. In order to access the next tier, you will first have to buy all the prescriptions from the previous tier. There are many upgrades that you can refer to, but we advise you to focus above all on your stamina, as you will need it to escape from threats.

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Don't Bring Enemies Close to Your Objective

The most serious mistake you can make is to move towards your goal when an enemy is close behind you. It will be useless to go in that direction, because often, in order to continue, you will have to carry out actions that force you to lower your guard and therefore you will be vulnerable to enemy attacks.

For this reason, if you are being chased, first make sure to push the enemy away and take him to the opposite side of the map, and then try to return in the direction of your objective. Many enemies can be locked inside rooms if you close the doors, which gives you time to escape and head in the right direction. Don't rush to complete the objectives and always pay attention to the positioning of the enemies.

The Outlast Trials Tips and Tricks for Solo Players
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