The Outlast Trials Prescriptions Explained

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The Outlast Trials Prescriptions Explained

The Outlast Trials prescriptions are a very important addition to the game's gameplay, which allows you to vary them and approach the various tests differently. In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about prescriptions and what you need to do to unlock them.

The Outlast Trials Prescription Guide

As soon as you start the game, after completing the tutorial, you will find yourself in a hub called the Sleep Room. This area of the Murkoff Corp structure is used to rest the subjects subjected to the tests, but it is also useful for obtaining upgrades to better face the subsequent tests. However, you won't have access to many areas unless you progress through the game first.

For this reason, it is important that, although it may seem difficult, especially if solo, you continue to carry out the tests to continue and therefore unlock the various areas that are present in the game. One of these is the pharmacy. Unlocking the pharmacy will be very useful to be able to better deal with the tests and make them easier (trust me, you will need it).

How to Unlock the Pharmacy in The Outlast Trials

In order to unlock the pharmacy in The Outlast Trials, you will have to reach Player Level 3. To reach this level, you will only need to complete more or less three trials, but keep in mind that even the ones you fail will count towards achieving this goal. In fact, they will also allow you to gain experience points.

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However, the matter is different for those you decide to abandon. In that case, you will not receive any type of reward. For this reason, in the event that you are forced to end your game, either for one reason or another, our advice is to fail the test as soon as possible rather than quit the game.

How to Buy Prescriptions in The Outlast Trials

Now that you know how to unlock the pharmacy in The Outlast Trials, you need to know how to buy prescriptions. In fact, you can't simply interact with the NPC. First, you need vouchers. But how do you get them? You will get vouchers every time you increase your Player Level. From levels 3 to 9, you will get two vouchers, while from 10 and above, you will get three.

Consequently, once again, what you need to do is continue playing the game to earn enough experience points to level up (if you are having difficulty, we recommend reading our tips and tricks). It goes without saying that if you manage to get high ratings, you will get more experience points, but we recognize that it is not that simple at the beginning.

However, once you have the vouchers, you can return to your pharmacy to purchase the prescriptions and use them in The Outlast Trials. The prescriptions are divided into three different tiers; however, you should know that to unlock those of the next tier, you must first buy all those of the previous tier.

The Outlast Trials Prescriptions
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Tier 1

All The Outlast Trials prescriptions that are present in this tier cost only one voucher. Consequently, in order to get them all, you will have to spend seven vouchers in total.

  • Instant Use: You can immediately use an item when you pick it instead of putting it in the inventory
  • Slide: While running, press the crouch button to slide
  • Regeneration: Your health will regenerate if you don't take damage for some time
  • Self-Defense Technique: If an enemy has grabbed you, you can use a bottle or a brick to escape
  • Hard Kick: If a teammate is grabbed by an enemy, you can help them without getting exhausted
  • Stay of Execution: If you save a teammate from an execution, you don't become exhausted
  • Run and Smash Doors: You can run through open doors and damage locked doors
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Tier 2

Prescriptions found in this tier cost two vouchers each to unlock. Consequently, to have them all, you will have to spend 18 vouchers since there are nine prescriptions in total.

  • Expanded Inventory: Add an extra slot to your inventory
  • Doors Basher: Break a door in two hits
  • Breaching Technique: You don't lose stamina if you bash
  • Speed Boost: Increase your running speed
  • Endurance: Reduce the stamina you use while running
  • Athlete: Increase your stamina
  • Gymnast: Reduce the stamina you use while climbing and jumping
  • Battery Extension: Increase the night vision's battery life
  • Heavy Training: Increase your movement speed while carrying large objects

Tier 3

Finally, in the last tier, there are seven The Outlast Trials prescriptions that you can unlock, each of which will cost you three vouchers. As a result, you will need 21 total vouchers to get them all.

  • Stamina Recovery: Restore your stamina faster
  • Deep Breathers: Recover from exhaustion faster
  • Advanced Regeneration: Restore your health faster
  • Revitalize: Fully restore your health when revived from a syringe or when you respawn
  • Anti-Ambush: Throw a projectile to get rid of enemies
  • Medic: Help your teammate faster
  • Resistance: You escape from traps and grapples faster
The Outlast Trials Prescriptions Explained
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