The Outlast Trials Tips and Tricks

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The Outlast Trials Tips and Tricks

The Outlast Trials is absolutely not an easy game to play, especially for those who have no experience with this type of game. For this reason, some The Outlast Trials tips and tricks could prove to be more than useful in order to better face the dangers that infest the tests created by Murkoff Corp.

The Outlast Trials Tips and Tricks

The Outlast Trials is the new chapter of the famous horror series that decides to break away from the formula for the first two chapters, focusing more on a game in which the multiplayer experience is one of the focal points. Despite being set in the same universe as the other two games (the corporation behind these tests that the characters are forced to carry out is the same one that reopened the asylum in the first game), it is not a sequel, but more of an expansion of the game universe.

Furthermore, by adopting this multiplayer formula, the gameplay has also undergone changes. Even though the characters can't actually defend themselves like in previous games, the entire structure of the game is completely different. We are not faced with a linear product with a beginning and an end, but rather content that can be replayed multiple times to always obtain a higher score.

The fact is that referring to some The Outlast Trials tips and tricks is certainly the right thing to do to best tackle the game. Before proceeding, we would like to point out that these suggestions take into account the fact that you play with other people; we will talk about those dedicated to single players in another article.

Don't Split Up

The first piece of advice we want to give you is to always stay united with your team. Although dedicating themselves to achieving the goal independently may seem like a good idea (especially if there are multiple goals to achieve), in reality, this is not the case.

Splitting yourself up in a game like The Outlast Trials is a terrible idea. The game maps are quite vast, so getting lost is not that difficult and, of course, as if that wasn't enough, there are enemies that can pop up at any moment. Precisely because of them, staying close to your allies is the right thing to do, because in this way you can be assisted in case you die.

Communication is the Key

Connecting to what we just said, another extremely important thing in The Outlast Trials is communication. Don't think you can go around the game map without having a strategy or communicating with your team. By doing so, not only will you put the entire mission at risk, but it may also take longer than expected.

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The Outlast Trials not only gives you the ability to communicate with gestures to indicate what is important (such as a key to collect, resources, a door, enemies, etc.), but it is also equipped with an in-game voice chat to make things even easier. Of course, if you are playing with strangers, it becomes more difficult to use the game chat, especially due to the limitations resulting from the language, but know that it is a feature present within the game.

The Outlast Trials tips and tricks

Close that Door!

The maps in The Outlast Trials are really well thought out and give everything players need to succeed in the mission, so it's up to you to be cautious and pay attention. One of the things we recommend you do as you explore accomplishing your goals is to close all doors behind you.

By doing so, in fact, you will be able to close any enemies who are following you inside a room and you will be able to continue. Obviously, the enemies are not exactly stupid and therefore will look for other ways to reach you, but at least you will gain some time and be able to dedicate yourself to the mission with (relative) calm.

Don't Open the Door!

It may seem like a paradox, but there will be cases where opening a door while you are trying to escape is anything but useful. In fact, some of the doors that are present in The Outlast Trials are actually traps. Or rather, traps of various kinds are mounted on them, which will serve to slow you down, inflict damage, or increase the psychosis bar.

For this reason, therefore, do not hastily open every door you find in front of you, but pay attention to what you are doing. Almost everything in The Outlast Trials is capable of inflicting damage on you and making you suffer, so try to avoid inflicting damage on your own (the enemies will already take care of that).

Keep Track of Enemies

Another thing of extreme importance is to keep track of the enemies that are present on that game map. Usually, all maps have at least 3–4 enemies roaming around trying to stop your mission. For this reason, pay maximum attention and do not proceed recklessly.

The Outlast Trials is a game that requires patience. Most of the time, you'll basically have to play in stealth mode to avoid being seen or heard, so it's certainly not a game suitable for those who use a more aggressive approach. Aggression is useless in this game; it will only open the doors for you to a quick and painful death.

The Outlast Trials tips and tricks

Don't Sprint, and Avoid Noise Traps

Many of the enemies can be bypassed quite easily if you do not make noise and hide, therefore, you must absolutely avoid running (unless necessary) and you must try to avoid as much as possible the noisy traps that have been placed in several places on the map. You need to be as quiet as possible.

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The enemies, in fact, are all very susceptible to noise, and as soon as they hear one, even a faint one such as walking on broken glass, they will not think twice about coming directly in your direction. Since many enemies are really powerful, this is a situation you will have to avoid at all costs. Take your time to study your surroundings and take the safest (albeit longer) route.

Stay in the Dark

You remain in the darkness, always, or at least almost always. Most enemies can't see you if you're hidden or sneaking around in the dark, so this is something you should definitely use to your advantage. Many areas in The Outlast Trials will have little or no light illuminating them, so you can sneak away without being seen.

However, there is one enemy in particular, the Night Watcher, who is equipped with a visor very similar to yours and therefore is able to see in the dark. If you are in the company of this enemy, hiding in the darkness will do you no good. In that case, you will have to stay at a distance and out of his visual range; this is the only way to avoid falling into his clutches.

Don't Forget About Antidotes

We haven't told you how important it is, during your explorations in the maps of The Outlast Trials, to be in possession of medicines and batteries because it is obvious that this is the case. It is obvious that you must try to have at least one for both of you, so that you can heal yourself if you are injured and recharge your visor so you can continue to use it and see in the dark.

But another resource that you absolutely must not underestimate are antidotes. The Outlast Trials has a psychosis system that can be induced in players and once you reach the maximum level, one of the scariest enemies in the game will appear, namely Skinner Man. As if that wasn't enough, this will create hallucinations and distortions of reality that will not allow you to continue the game.

For this reason, our advice is to always have one of these antidotes with you so that you can cure your psychosis when the levels become too high. The game is also quite generous with this type of resource, so you will find several in each game map, you just have to explore carefully.

The Outlast Trials Tips and Tricks
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