The Outlast Trials Scariest Enemies You’ll Face

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The Outlast Trials Scariest Enemies You’ll Face

The Outlast series has always been known for its fearsome enemies that infest the game world and The Outlast Trials is certainly no exception. Although the game idea is different from previous chapters and favors the multiplayer experience, this does not mean that there are no scary monsters. In this article, therefore, we will show you the scariest enemies in The Outlast Trials that you will encounter during your stay as guinea pigs of the Murkoff Corporation's Program

Skinner Man

If the Skinner Man seems somewhat familiar to you, it's because the design of this enemy is very reminiscent of the design of the Slanderman. Skinner Man will appear only after you have completely lost your sanity; otherwise, when you only have one bar left, he will only appear as a sort of jumpscare but he will not be able to hurt you.

Therefore, you will have to pay close attention when your sanity bar is completely empty, because this means that Skinner Man will physically appear at any moment and attack you. Luckily, you will have plenty of time to escape, since his attack is very slow. So, heal yourself to make the enemy disappear.

If not, prepare to deal with hallucinations and distortions of reality that are truer than ever. You will not have the ability to focus on any other objective or enemy, because you will not have the ability. As if that wasn't enough, in this way, he will take away a lot of your health, so try in every way to avoid this scenario.

The Outlast Trials scariest enemies


This is one of the most aggressive enemies you will encounter in The Outlast Trials. He will have a destructive trend even in normal conditions, that is, when he is not on your trail, so he is certainly an enemy to watch from afar if you don't want to end up in a very quick death.

However, the good thing is that these enemies do not attack when you are in their view, but only if they hear noises coming from the position you are in. Consequently, as long as you proceed calmly and do not make any noise, you are relatively safe. Lastly, because of their blindness, they are very resistant to being stunned.

The Outlast Trials scariest enemies

Night Watcher

Hiding in the dark is what seems to be the winning move all the time, since enemies can't see in the dark; and that is until you make the frightening acquaintance of the Night Watcher in The Outlast Trials. This enemy, in fact, is the only one who is able to see even in the darkness, so be extremely careful.

Since hiding in the dark isn't the best thing to do, you'll have to use another strategy to outwit this enemy and escape. You will have to make use of the hiding spots or make sure that he is no longer able to follow you by locking him somewhere. Also, be careful of the weapon he has in his possession, as he is capable of inflicting some decent damage.

The Outlast Trials scariest enemies

Mother Gooseberry

Mother Gooseberry is a Prime Asset and the main character in Fun Park. Her appearance makes her right on this list of The Outlast Trials scariest enemies. She is larger than normal enemies and is armed with a puppet-shaped drill that she will have no qualms about using on you if she captures you. It goes without saying that surviving is practically impossible.

Given her size, the other attacks in her arsenal are also capable of inflicting greater damage than most enemies in the game. As if that wasn't enough, don't let her size fool you; she is really very fast, and if you don't stay away, you will very easily fall into her clutches.

Finally, another thing to say is that she has a very similar behavior to Mister X, Nemesis, or Lady Dimitrescu (all Resident Evil characters), in that she will constantly follow you. This will only add a level of anxiety and restlessness to players, who will never actually feel safe.

The Outlast Trials scariest enemies

Leland Coyle

Leland Coyle is another Prime Asset and the main antagonist of the Police Station. Although his size is very similar to that of any human being, don't be fooled: Coyle is truly a dangerous enemy (as well as being very sadistic). Armed with his electric truncheon, in fact, he won't waste a moment using it on you.

Being captured by Coyle is certainly no better than being compared to the other characters. He will grab you and make sure you can't escape. As if that wasn't enough, in this way, you won't be able to access your inventory, so you won't even be able to heal yourself. To release you, he will electrify your hand until you are free. At that point, we advise you to escape as far away as possible.

The Outlast Trials scariest enemies

The Outlast Trials Scariest Enemies You’ll Face
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