The Outlast Trials Best Hiding Spots

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The Outlast Trials Best Hiding Spots

Hiding in The Outlast Trials really makes a difference. In order to complete your tasks, you will have to adopt a hide-and-seek strategy; otherwise, everything will turn into a certain death. For this reason, being aware of The Outlast Trials best hiding spots can undoubtedly be more than useful information.

The Outlast Trials Best Hiding Spots

The Outlast Trials is not a simple game at all, especially if played alone. In addition to following the advice we have given you in previous articles (here for those who play solo and here for those who play with other companions), there are other things you need to take into consideration. One of these is undoubtedly the hiding spots.

We said that hiding is essential in a game like The Outlast Trials, but what are the best spots? While you can use just about anything as some sort of hiding place, not all of them are the best, especially in certain circumstances. Let's see together, therefore, the best hiding places that you can use to escape the madness of your enemies.


The classic lockers make their return in this new chapter of the saga. In the first chapter of Outlast, in fact, if you remember correctly, you had the possibility of hiding inside the lockers to escape enemies and in The Outlast Trials, you can do the same thing. Obviously, however, you can only do this if the enemy is far enough away to not actually see you enter the locker.

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Desks and Tables

In many locations in The Outlast Trials, there will also be desks or tables that you can use as a hiding place. These are very useful when you have enemies approaching from the front. Obviously, if the enemy has a more complex and studied pattern, these hiding places are not very effective, but against more “stupid” enemies, they do their job and allow you to remain hidden until the threat has passed.

The Outlast Trials Best Hiding Spots


In some cases, you will see that there will be many boxes placed on top of each other; well, this is another very useful and effective spot that you can use to hide during your adventure. Some of these boxes are placed in such a way that enemies will actually struggle to see you because they have been designed as a sort of fort that surrounds you on three out of four sides. This way, if you stay completely silent, enemies will pass by without even noticing you.

The Darkness

Obviously, the best hiding place is in the dark. Even if there won't be any type of object blocking the way between you and your opponents, hiding in the dark will have excellent effects. In fact, most enemies can't see in the dark (some can't see regardless), so this is the perfect hiding place, or almost. Almost because there is a particular type of enemy, the Night Watcher, who is equipped with a night vision device similar to yours and is able to see you even in the dark.

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Ultimately, we can say that, although The Outlast Trials is a difficult game and leaves no room for errors, making use of The Outlast Trials best hiding spots gives you the possibility of making the game simpler, or at least having more time for escape and think about the right strategy to adopt. In fact, what we advise you to do is to have a strategy and therefore to explore everything around you well.

The Outlast Trials Best Hiding Spots
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