The New Street Fighter 6 Showcase Got Us Excited! Here Are All The Details!

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The New Street Fighter 6 Showcase Got Us Excited! Here Are All The Details!

Here is everything you missed from the Street Fighter 6 Showcase!

Not long until Street Fighter 6 (SF6) hits stores and brings more fighting games goodness to screens around the world.

SF6 has looked absolutely amazing until now and Capcom has graced us with a special showcase presented by Lil Wayne to show off more of the next entry in the legendary franchise.

World Tour

The main single-player mode of Street Fighter 6 will be World Tour. Here you create your own costume character and get introduced to the world of Street Fighter. Yes, Street Fighter actually has extended, complex lore that even includes other Capcom Games.

You'll start your training under poster boy Luke and set out into the world to learn how to be the best Street Fighter you can be.

For that, you explore Metro City and other locations around the world to meet people and level up your character. That's right, Street Fighter is a roleplaying game now. You can level up and invest in different stats in order to better your chances.

Even the way you dress and what you eat feed into that system as you explore the various locations.

You'll explore Metro City and other locations in a similar vein to Sega's Yakuza/Like Dragon titles. You can fight people on the streets and unveil all sorts of storylines set in the world of Street Fighter. You'll meet some old friends.

The main thing is meeting the various fighters of Street Fighter and becoming their student. And by completing missions for your mentor and continuing their storyline, you'll learn their fighting styles and advance a skill tree. You can also give them gifts to unlock even more story events.

And while you learn their fighting styles, you can also learn their special attacks. Some of them will even be useful in open-world traversal or taking out thugs who are trying to jump you.

Later, once you've started to train and unlock new abilities, you can even start to mix and match those things to create a fighter to your own taste.

The scale of the mode is yet unknown but what Capcom has shown off so far is not only impressive but absolutely amazing. And the mode will probably create an amazing environment to ease people into Street Fighter and fighting games as a whole.

And not only will you be able to explore all kinds of locations to hunt down new masters to train you, you'll also be able to play minigames, similar to the older Street Fighter games. Maybe we'll even get to thrash a car again, but only time will tell.

SF6 Street Fighter 6

Battle Hub

The Battle Hub will also be a big feature of Street Fighter 6. Offering a virtual place for players to hang out, compete with each other in minigames or cheer each other on during fights.

Its set up similarly to a virtual arcade and Capcom really wants to bring that atmosphere of being at a tournament to their online lobby.

But you're not just here to play Street Fighter 6 in public or private lobbies!

You can play old Street Fighter games in the arcades, they've only shown off Street Fighter 2 so far but we assume they'll add a few more classic titles. You can also take to the dance floor, watch tournaments and matches on the big and small screens and take screenshots.

And that custome character you create in World Tour? Not only will that character represent you in the lobby, but you'll also even be able to fight other player-created characters in the lobby if the arcade's not enough for you.

You're also able to create and join clubs and communities. Those can be everything from communities to rep your local fighting game hangout, dedicated training clubs, or just general hangouts for you and your clubs.

And then you can create special outfits to represent that club in other lobbies.

SF6 Street Fighter 6

Fighting Ground

Fighting Ground is your regular battle mode of Street Fighter 6. And there are a bunch of cool features coming to the mode, for example, the damage characters take will be represented visually depending on how much of a beating you took.

They also showed off a slew of accessibility options. Such as audible cues for the distance you have from another character, if an attack hits high, low, or mid, and what kind of hit it is. This is not only great for accessibility, but it'll also be really useful for regular players.

From the looks of it, the new Street Fighter will also add a more extensive tutorial similar to the efforts made by Guilty Gear Strive and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Instead of just explaining some of the details, you'll be walked through all the major mechanics featured.

There'll even be specific tutorials for all characters, ranging from basic combos and setups all the way to the more advanced, meaty combos. You'll even be able to practice them will all the inputs on display.

Another major feature will be auto combos and simplified controls. Auto combos will only be available offline and dynamically create combos depending on the distance you have to your opponent. That way you can enjoy fighting games without having to worry about perfect execution.

The simplified controls however will be available in all modes. Instead of having your standard 6-button layout for Street Fighter, basic inputs will be reduced to Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks with quick binds for throws and parries.

You'll also have simplified inputs for special moves that would usually require special inputs. While the new control scheme takes away a lot of the control players expect and love, it'll lower the barrier to entry for everyone who just wants to enjoy a simple fighting game.

SF6 Street Fighter 6

Different Modes

You'll also be able to play specially customized modes such as team battle, where teams of characters and or players compete against each other in a knock-out system.

Extreme battles also exist as gimmick matches. We don't know how extensive the options are but they'll put limitations and or boosts on the player, such as no jumping or only low kicks. Probably really fun as a party mode or if you want to practice certain situations.

Custom Lobbies will also return, now up to 16 players can join a lobby with up to 8 of them being able to compete with each other at the same time.

SF6 Post-launch Support

They also dropped another bomb on us, probably because everyone who's a little bit invested in SF already knows but we know the complete first season's worth of characters for the new Street Fighter.

Rashid will be joining the fight in the Summer of 2023, newcomer Aki will be available in the Autumn of 2023, Street Fighter 5 alumni Ed will be available in Winter around the new year and Akuma will round out season 1 in the Spring of 2023.

SF6 Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Capcom Cup World Tour and Demo

As previously announced, SF6 will be the main game for Capcom Cup's World Tour 2023. The winner of the league will receive a prize of $1.000.000 USD and the entire league will compete for a prize pool of around $2.000.000 USD in total.

Oh, and there is a Street Fighter 6 demo out right now. You can play the first part of the World Tour and enjoy Fighting Ground right now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The demo will also be available on other platforms on April 26th.

For more Street Fighter 6 and the latest in esports, visit us here at ESTNN

The New Street Fighter 6 Showcase Got Us Excited! Here Are All The Details!
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