The London Spitfire Is Cleaning House for the 2021 Season

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The London Spitfire Is Cleaning House for the 2021 Season

Sources have leaked that the London Spitfire might be releasing or trading their entire roster, including the coaching staff.

The 2020 season was terrible for the London Spitfire. The team underperformed in a handful of high-pressure scenarios and failed to make it out of Quarterfinals in every single tournament. The APAC region has not been kind for the former champions, and now the organization is clearing house according to The Esports Observer. The source indicates that the coaching staff and some players have already parted ways with the team. Others are in the progress of being traded out to build a better roster. The hope for the future of the London Spitfire is to acquire players from Western Europe and to foster the talent that is already present with their Contenders' team, British Hurricane.

The Paris Eternal began as an expansion team that aimed to acquire a full French roster. The Eternal had mediocre success in 2019, and the squad was upgraded for the 2020 season, only angering the fanbase. The return to roots efforts that the London Spitfire may adapt will hit home with the European Overwatch League fans and also encourage close to home sponsorship deals. The London Spitfire operates under Cloud9, an esports organization built on legacy. As more organizations look to the future of the Overwatch League, the focus has shifted from six-figure superstars to building an internal culture that fosters skill. Already the Spitfire has a die-hard following, and making roster changes that reflect their community is a smart move in the long run.

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