The LEC 2023 Winter Split Stats Leaderboard Revealed!

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The LEC 2023 Winter Split Stats Leaderboard Revealed!

These are the best team players from the LEC Winter split that are worth keeping an eye on.

Did your favorite make the list?

The LEC saw a fantastic start to their competitive scene as their strongest teams duked it out for the Winter Split win. As each superweek went on, the top 10 teams in the league battled their way up to the playoffs where the final four struggled for supremacy. The LEC stage witnessed the MAD Lions claw their way up to the Finals where they fought an arduous series against the indomitable G2 Esports, who won the best-of-five series 3-0.

Each hard-won clash and carefully calculated maneuver made this Winter split a memorable one. But before we head into Spring, let's take a look at the best team players in the LEC that pushed the boundaries of pro-league play so far this season.

Highest Ave Kills – Hans Sama and Yike (G2 Esports)

Surprisingly, the title for scoring the most average amount of kills was awarded to two members from the same team. AD Carry Hans Sama and Jungler Yike found an incredulously exact number of 4.8 kills across the 21-game stretch that they played in the Winter split. Expressing approval, the official LoL esports post also went on to laud another LEC player for his total number of eliminations.

Highest Total Kills – Nisqy (MAD Lions)

Belonging to the last split's 1st runner-up team, the mid-laner for MAD Lions secured 118 kills in almost 6 weeks of back-to-back action. Dinçer himself has played in more matches than his G2 rivals, which contributed to his overall count, but also significantly lowered his total average.

Most Solo Kills – Irrelevant (SK Gaming), BrokenBlade (G2 Esports), Chasy and Nisqy (MAD Lions)

Solo kills represent a player's overall ability to lethally outplay their opponents without any outside help from their teammates. That said, this metric is a stronger statistic to gauge someone's individual power level on the Rift. An army of one amongst the best in the EMEA.

The lanes these players defended played a huge role in giving them opportunities to rise above the rest. With the statistic focusing mainly on the LEC's top-laners, the accolades were spread out to different teams this time, all of whom got the same score of 10 kills. Irrelevant and BrokenBlade both got 10 kills for their respective teams, with the score being shared by another duo from G2 Esports.

It's impressive enough for 2 members from the same team getting the same stat, even more so when they held their own in seperate lanes. But the fact that a team has managed to triumph in more than one stat category (with players that show up more than once) just shows how much G2 dominated in this split.

Highest Ave Damage per Minute – Patrik (EXCEL)

This statistic goes out to a team that anyone hardly expected. Being among the first to leave the LEC stage after the bo1's, Team Excel has a lot to improve upon for the season moving forward. But despite the challenges, their artillery canon of a hard carry still managed to secure a spot on this list before they went into their off-season.

Over the course of the mere 9 games his team played, Patrik “Patrik” Jírů maintained an amazing 773 damage per minute average. For context, the gap between him and the second-placer was huge, with a 100-damage difference between the Caitlyn main and Team Vitality's Perkz. Just an absolute force of nature.

Fastest Ave Game Time – G2 Esports

As a surprise to no one, the winners of the Winter Split makes their 4th and final appearance on the Winter Split top stat rankings with the fastest average game time. Running at almost 3 minutes faster than the average LEC game, they were able to finish their matches at an average of 29 minutes and 11 seconds. 

Even more notable is the fact that the Germany-based team fought in both the shortest as well as the longest series match in the split!

With the hundreds of thousands of fans excited for the second split of the season, the months leading up to MSI 2023 are fast approaching. Who will secure the 2 spots for the mid-season invitationals? And will teams like Fnatic and Astralis be able to bounce back from their disappointing Winter performance?

The LEC begins it's Spring Split starting March 11, 2023.

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The LEC 2023 Winter Split Stats Leaderboard Revealed!
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