The Finals Season 2 Update Brings New Gadgets, 5v5 Mode, New Map and More

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The Finals Season 2 Update Brings New Gadgets, 5v5 Mode, New Map and More

The Finals Season 2 update is almost here and it brings a lot of new exciting content to the fun destructible environment shooter.

The massive Season 2 update for The Finals is slated to arrive on servers for all available platforms on Thursday, March 14.

This season brings  slew of hackers in the way of everyone’s way and players will get to play as them. A new Voxelian map along with a 5v5 game mode make up for the major content additions in this Season 2 update for the Finals. The Season 2 update will also ship A list of new weapons will also make their arrival in the Season 2 update for the First person shooter game known majorly its fun destructible environments.

The Finals Season 2 New Weapons

Season 2 also introduces a list of new weapons to the game, including a burst assault rifle called the Famas. The rifle intends to retain most of its damage at longer ranges, making it a great fit for medium-build weapons.

The 93R is a burst-firing handgun and fires short bursts of three rounds at a time. There is also a new shotgun introduced in the update, the KS 23, which is a stripped-down slug-round shotgun. The shotgun requires a certain amount of precision to handle effectively, but it deals crazy damage if you know how to land a perfect hit with the gun.

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The Anti Gravity Cube is a deployable Heavy cube that lifts objects and contestants around it. You can use iut to traverse the tool that just nukes all gravity, allowing you to float when you go near it, inside the anti-gravity area. The cube can be destroyed and remains vulnerable to gunfire and bombs.

New Hacking Playstyle Changes the Game, Quite Literally

The Finals is also available to play on the cloud via Nvidia’s Geforce now service. Players need to purchyase a Geforce now subscription in order to play the gane on any supported device, which include iPad, iPhones, Android devics and the Nvidia Shield TV. A couple of Smart TVs also have the Nvidia Geforce Now app built into their interface. You can also use Geforce Now on your computer browser.

The Finals is available to play on PC via Steam, Xbox Series X and S, and the PlayStation 5.

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