The Finals Career Rewards and How to Get Them

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The Finals Career Rewards and How to Get Them

Let's take a look at all The Finals Career Rewards and how to get them

The Finals is one of the most popular FPS titles right now in late December 2023 and going into January 2024. After its sudden release during The Game Awards 2023 on December 7, it has reached new heights of popularity. The game has seen various changes in the released product after its very well-received beta phase. These changes have allowed the game to be more diverse and enhance the player experience. Other aspects like the reward system and customization have been improved too.

So let’s take a look at The Finals career rewards and how to get them. Make sure you also check out articles on the best weapons of Heavy and Medium builds, and our tier list for all weapons in the game.

The Finals Career Rewards

The Finals Career Rewards are a level-wise progression where each level rewards you with cosmetic items that have no significant advantage in combat. These items can be equipped on your character for cosmetic purposes. Here is a list of all the items for each level in the Career.

The Finals Career Rewards and How to Get Them
Credit: Embark Studios
Level 2 Athletic Hat
Level 3
  • Crash Bang Wallop
  • Haunting Howl
  • Ker-Snap
  • Pounce Warning
  • Ricochet Ready
  • Screeching Success
  • Sound of Safety
Level 4
  • Dash of Defiance
  • Guardian’s Stand
  • Ocular Zest
  • Psst…Over Here
  • Summit Seeker
  • Surveillance Mission
  • Wrecking Ball
Level 5 Body Bag
Level 6 Body Bag
Level 7 Bucket Hat
Level 8 Baggy Battle Cargos
Level 9 Chunky Wedge Trainers
Level 10 Spray
Level 11 Kangaroo Hood
Level 12 Badge
Level 13 Joggers
Level 14 Incognito Mode
Level 15 Quarter-zip Shirt
Level 16 Asymmetrical Pants
Level 17 Front Pocket Satchel
Level 18 Game-Day Sweater
Level 19 Flat-brim Cap
Level 20 Kangaroo Hoodie
Level 21 Historical Hi-fi
Level 22 Track Shorts
Level 23 Arena Anti-glare
Level 24 Slip-on Trainers
Level 25 Cuddly Plushie
Level 26 Tank & Arm Warmers
Level 27 Bad News Bandanna
Level 28 Trendy Turtleneck
Level 29 Pleated Skirt
Level 30 Tactical Sling Bag
Level 31 Beanie & Headphones
Level 32 One-leg Harness Pants
Level 33 Ridged Armlet
Level 34 Ringer Tee
Level 35 Active Shorts
Level 36 Hoodie Jacket
Level 37 Chipped Nama Tama
Level 38 Cargo Pants
Level 39 Asymmetrical Vest
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How to Get Career Rewards in The Finals

In order to level up, you’ll need to gain XP. The more XP you get, the faster you can progress. Currently, the Contracts provide additional XP alongside the normal XP rewards after every game. The Contracts can be found in its own tab in the main menu. They are basically small challenges that you must complete during a match. Completing one will reward an additional XP bonus.

The Finals Career Rewards and How to Get Them
Credit: Embark Studios

Besides Contracts, you can play the regular game modes like Quick Cash or Bank. The more you play, the more XP you will get. Playing a few matches regularly will keep consistent growth and a stream of rewards.

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The Finals Career Rewards and How to Get Them
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