The Finals: Best Crosshairs and How to Change Them

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The Finals: Best Crosshairs and How to Change Them

Here is a list of The Finals best crosshairs and how to change them

The Finals is one of the biggest FPS games available as of now. Since its release after The Game Awards 2023, the game has surged in popularity and gained a vast player base. The game has seen some massive changes from its earlier beta phase. These changes have improved the game's diversity and made the customization even better than before. With its current pace, The Finals is looking to dominate the FPS scene soon.

Crosshair customization is one of the more popular features that has been improved upon release. Players have been trying to make the most effective crosshairs that come in handy during matches. As crosshairs play an important role in one of the core aspects of FPS games, aiming, it is important to have one that is efficient and functional.

The Finals: How to Change Crosshairs

The crosshairs settings can be found in the gameplay tab of the Game Settings menu. You can follow the steps below to find the tab easily.

  1. Launch your game.
  2. After getting to the Main Menu, look for the Options Menu. It is represented with a Gear Icon.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Click on the Gameplay Tab
  5. Scroll down to find the Crosshairs settings options.
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The Finals: Best Crosshairs and How to Change Them

You can adjust all aspects of your crosshair here, things like the color, width, opacity, etc. Build whatever you think will be most helpful and effective for you. You can also try one of the crosshairs we think are overall good for everyone. These along with their settings are mentioned below.

The Finals: Best Crosshairs

However, in most cases, the preference for details like crosshairs varies from player to player, there are a few cases where a majority agree upon a particular crosshair's effectiveness. These crosshairs are considered the best and most functional for players of all levels. You can try these out yourself and change them however you feel suits you. A few of these crosshairs are mentioned below:

Classic Crosshairs

The Finals: Best Crosshairs and How to Change Them

This crosshair, as the name suggests, is similar to default crosshairs which are used in many FPS games. The lines are not too vibrant and blend with the environment, but can be spotted quite easily whenever needed. They do not block anything on the screen and allow for good transparency.

Cyan Crosshairs

The Finals: Best Crosshairs and How to Change Them

This one is quite similar to The Classic Crosshairs, but change a Cyan color to them. This change makes the lines more easily visible to the eye and a little bit more vivid. However, the color still blends with the background quite well and doesn’t get in the way or clutter the screen.

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Green Crosshairs

The Finals: Best Crosshairs and How to Change Them

The Green Crosshairs mainly focus on vibrancy and make the outlines strikingly visible to the player’s eyes. If you have a harder time spotting the crosshair and prefer larger and easily visible lines, then this one is for you. The intense green color allows the player to use the spot and allows the player to see the center dot and surrounding lines more easily to aim more effectively.

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The Finals: Best Crosshairs and How to Change Them
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