The Finals 1.5.5 Patch Notes Target Revive Meta, And More

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The Finals 1.5.5 Patch Notes Target Revive Meta, And More

The Finals 1.5.5 Patch Notes surprise fans by including nerfs for the defibrillator and make an effort to target the increasingly popular “revive meta’ which is currently being abused by a lot of players in-game.

The Finals is a free-to-play competitive FPS made by Embark Studios. It launched with a huge player count on Steam,  and its still holding up pretty well thanks to destructible environments.

Players are invulnerable for a lesser amount of time now, as the devs have decreased the length of invulnerability applied after a revive to 0.75 seconds from 1.5 seconds. Meanwhile, weapons such as the .357 revolver, the CL40 and FCAR are among the handful of weapons to receive adjustments. The Guardian turret, the MGL32 are also the topic of balance changes in the latest update.

Right after introducing a Solo Bank It Mode in update 1.5.0, the developers have targeted a series of a weapons with balance changes in this patch, which is light on content drops. The 1.5.5 patch also issues several significant bug and crash fixes, along with some quality of life changes. A feature that would help improve matchmaking has also been deployed in the update which is slated to hit live servers today.

The ‘revive meta’ was a strategy being increasingly abused by players, causing them to buy defibrillators and then revive their dead teammates. After a revival, they exploited that invulnerability boost granted. The destructible environment shooter has been really popular on Steam ever since it’s launch, but has noticed a slight decrease in overall player count. The player count, although still very high, doesn’t necessarily mean that the game is going anywhere.

The Finals Patch 1.5.5 Notes Weapon Balance Changes

.357 Revolver
Decreased the amount of bullet dispersion applied when aiming down sights
Reduced damage fall-off start range to 23m from 35m
Reduced damage fall-off end range to 40m from 50m

Increased player damage to 110 from 100

Decreased damage to 25 from 26

Guardian Turret
Health has been slightly reduced from 300 to 280

Increased player damage to 83 from 80

Throwing Knives
The amount of projectile dispersion applied upon falling has been reduced.
Decreased the amount of projectile dispersion applied when sprinting

The Finals also ships a brand-new Contam Couture Set which includes a gas mask,  yellow hazard suit, and a shovel charm. This was only ‘content-related’ addition to the game besides the list of balance adjustments to weapons. The 1.5.5 update talso ships several quality of life improvements. All in all, this recent update is heavy on adjusting several weapons and mostly affects the well-known “revive-meta” that is a becoming seemingly popular strategy for many players.

Embark Studios have also addressed the recent Recon senses ability for the medium class in the patch notes blog post, citing that the ability will receive an overhaul in the coming weeks. The ability currently allows players to see through walls, which gives them an edge over others, like a ‘wallhack’ of sorts.

The rest of the changes in this update include the usual bug and crash fixes, which ensures that the game will run smoothly and glitch free on all available platforms. Some GPU related crashes have been fixed, while the other The developers have also changed the matchmaking configuration in Tournament and Ranked Tournament modes, to help players match with players with similar skill-rating.

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