The Division Resurgence Regional Beta Starts Today

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The Division Resurgence Regional Beta Starts Today

We're about to see a resurgence in The Division Resurgence beta testing. 

It's been almost a year since the reveal trailer and nearly six months since the last beta test for The Division Resurgence, but we're finally getting another testing phase. 

Or some of us are, depending on your region (Previous beta testers can also expect an invite back).

Players who have pre-registered for beta access in Finland, Chile, Denmark, Australia, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Spain will gain access to the soon-to-launch beta test. Beta tests, actually. 

The Division Resurgence Regional Beta will occur in two phases.
Image Source: Ubisoft

The upcoming beta testing period will happen in two phases. The first phase begins today, June 13, and lasts until July 25. The second phase starts on August 8 and lasts until September 19. The game will release sometime later in the Fall. 

Account progress will reset after each phase, though beta players won't lose everything. IAPs are active during the beta, and players who spend their hard-earned money will receive in-game premium currency at the launch of the game with a capped bonus of 50% extra currency.

Depending on how many players pre-register, everyone will get some free goodies at launch.
Image Source: Ubisoft

If you aren't lucky enough to get into this second testing period, don't worry. So long as you pre-register, you'll still get some goodies when the game officially launches. Every pre-registered player will receive the NYC Firefighter cosmetic set and gold weapon skins. The pre-registration rewards have pre-registration requirements, and 15 million players need to pre-register for players to obtain everything. These rewards will be available on your Ubisoft Connect account linked to the email you used to pre-register for The Division Resurgence.

Lots of New Additions

This second beta test vastly expands upon what was available in the first beta test.

The Regional Beta test for The Division Resurgence is adding a ton of new content.
Image Source: Ubisoft

Players can expect new main missions, story side missions, world activities, nearly a hundred new skill mods, dozens of new cosmetics, a day and night cycle, a friend and voice chat system, and more. You can check out the complete patch notes for the regional beta test here


The Division Resurgence Regional Beta Starts Today
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