Ubisoft releases reveal trailer for The Division: Resurgence

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Ubisoft releases reveal trailer for The Division: Resurgence

The next entry in Tom Clancy's The Division series is coming, and it's coming to mobile devices.

Ubisoft recently released the reveal trailer for the newest game in Tom Clancy's The Division franchise, Resurgence. The latest in the Third-Person RPG shooter series will put you back in New York City and into the shoes of an SHD agent.

The storyline will be independent of the stories in the two previous games and features new PVE activities, characters and factions. Players will be able to experience Resurgence in both Solo and Co-Op mode. As expected of The Division, there will be plenty of looting and customization to have fun with as you optimize your role and gear loadout.

Resurgence will be available for both iOS and Android devices. While there's no official release date yet, the trailer indicates Resurgence should be out soon. Anyone interested in registering for the Closed Alpha can do so here.


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