The Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite

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The Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite

One of pop culture’s biggest franchises, Marvel's collaboration with Fortnite hyped fans worldwide. We will be ranking the best Marvel skins in Fortnite

Marvel, a globally cherished franchise, created a buzz when it teamed up with Fortnite, stirring unprecedented excitement among fans of both communities. The thought of Spider-Man shooting at Thor to gain Victory Royale seemed a little weird, but fans soon came around as the skins added more than just cosmetics. They introduced new ways the game can be played that we will look deeper into.

Fortnite introduced a captivating lineup of famous Marvel characters that have left many fans in awe. The impressive designs of these characters have gained praise from gamers and Marvel fans alike. However, some feel that the skins of certain Marvel characters could have been better. In this discussion, we will take a closer look at some of the standout Marvel characters that have received Fortnite skins and explore the unique features of these skins.

Top Ten Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite

Fortnite has brought forward quite a few great Marvel skins. However, we will be looking into the top ten best skins the game has blessed us with.

10. Ironman

The Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite

Credit: Epic Games

Ironman, the poster child of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), was one of the first Marvel skins added to the game. The skin features the genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist Tony Stark as the base. Tony can change into Ironman using an emote while in-game.

Ironman also has his repulsors he can use in the game. They can be used to attack enemies; therefore, Ironman doesn’t have to carry guns. He also has flight, a feature introduced by the cocky hero.

The Ironman armor takes inspiration from its MCU counterpart as well. The hot red armor parts blend really well with the faded gold highlights. He also has LED lights throughout the suit, giving it a glow, unlike many others in the game.

9. Captain Marvel

The Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite

Captain Marvel flew into the battlefield at a time when her MCU counterpart was catching heat for not being that great. This skin, however, could not be more different from the MCU. Captain Marvel shows off her red, blue, and gold colors very tastefully. She also has her sash from the comics, making her more faithful to the books that gave her life.

The Captain’s model also shows off her powerful stature. In addition to that, the skin has animated elements coursing through it. Her costume glows with her energy and leaves trails as she moves through the terrains in-game.

8. Ghost Rider

The Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite

The Ghost Rider made a surprise appearance when he was added to the game. The Spirit Rider is not often seen in video games. Fortnite’s addition of the demon slayer shocked fans of the character.

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Ghost Rider sports his trademark rider jacket adorned with metal spikes throughout. The fire on his skull is beautifully animated and reacts as the menacing hero moves around—the skin is nothing short of breathtaking. His skull has a permanent scowl, which is sure to send chills down his foes’ spines.

7. Venom

The Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite

Credit: Epic Games

The Lethal Protector entered Fortnite before a certain friendly neighborhood hero entered the scene. Venom brought his host to the game, looking super menacing and hungry for some human brains.

The skin perfectly highlights the imposing size of the character. He has tendrils running haywire all over his body, letting people know that he is an alien. The symbiote also has excellent logo work, showing off the menacing Spider Symbol on his chest and back.

The skin also has a variant that shows off Lee Price’s take on the anti-hero. The Lee Price version has more details than the base version and looks terrifying in the game.

6. Wolverine

The Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite

Credit: Epic Games

Wolverine is one of Marvel’s most recognizable characters. The ferocious character looks like he was ripped off straight from the pages of the comics he is featured in.

Wolverine’s main look is his iconic yellow and blue outfit from his time as a part of the X-Men. The skin shows off the short but muscular stature of the hero and highlights his claws in-game. Logan also brings forth two beautiful variants to the skin. The first is his yellow and brown outfit, a look that has seemingly been lost time. The second is his look in most movies now: Logan in jeans and a tank top. Both the variants have excruciating accuracy to the source material.

5. Storm

The Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite

Storm made a stormy entrance in Fortnite by being one of the best skins added to the game. She has three looks in the game, each looking as magnificent as the other.

Her character is also done justice with excruciating accuracy to her comic counterpart. The skins feature the perfect mix of black and white elements that make up her character. She also has gold highlights shining throughout the skin. What makes this skin doubly unique is the addition of Storm’s weather-controlling powers, taken directly from the comics.

4. Scarlet Witch

The Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite

Credit: Epic Games

Scarlet Witch was added to the game after the release of the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. She played the role of the movie’s primary antagonist. The skin perfectly encapsulates Wanda’s outfit in the film it appeared in.

Her Crimson outfit looks fantastic, and she can add a cape to make her look majestic. The menacing witch’s costume also has fine detail lines, which adds to her aesthetic. Scarlet Witch also brings her powers with her in the world of Fortnite. She glows with her red magic aura while in-game. Wanda can cast spells on her enemies that can lead them to their deaths, making for a truly terrifying foe.

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3. Deadpool

The Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite

Credit: Epic Games

Deadpool was added to the game, along with a hilarious trailer to go with it. The trailer showed how well Fortnite knows the character and made sense due to Deadpool’s fourth-wall-breaking tendencies.

The skin takes heavy inspiration from his movie counterpart. However, it pulls off the look better. The red on the skin is a bright rade unlike the Maroon the film went for. The outfit also shows off Deadpool’s muscular physique and has many embellishments the character has in the comics. One of the things the skin does best is Deadpool’s mask. It features enormous eyes with the tiniest pupils, making the Merc with a Mouth look super menacing.

He is the one character in this list that would actually use guns and lethal force. He would also dance in front of his enemies, whether it be to taunt them or on top of their corpses.

2. Black Panther

The Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite

Credit: IGN

The Black Panther skin was released shortly after the passing of Chadwick Boseman, the actor who portrayed the King of Wakanda on the big screen. The skin was released with a beautiful trailer that paid tribute to the late actor in the best way possible. The game immortalized his legacy through this inclusion. The Marvel characters in the game showed up to the Black Panther’s shrine, where he stood tall and saluted him by crossing their arms over their chest to say, Wakanda Forever.

Besides being a wonderful tribute, the skin looks phenomenal in the game. The black parts of the skin have beautiful detailing. The suit also has gold highlights, signifying Black Panther’s royalty. The suit also comes with a comic-accurate cape and adds to the royalty aesthetic of the character.

1. Spider-Man Classic and Spider-Man 2099

The Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite The Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite

The Web-Head is the most recent addition to Fortnite. After a long battle over rights, Spider-Man was finally added to the game. He also got the most love among the other Marvel characters, getting eight unique skins.

Spider-Man is our top choice because he was considered the most well-designed recreation of the character. Additionally, Spider-Man 2099 is the best movie skin in the game because of its breathtaking accuracy.

The classic suit is one of the best-looking recreations of the Superhero. The character looks perfect with his intricate web pattern, beautiful logos, and big lenses. It also features two beautiful recolors in the Symbiote and Future Foundation Suit.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Daredevil: Looks exactly like the comics but also extremely simple
  • Moon Knight: Beautiful recreation of the MCU version of the character
  • She-Hulk: Better than the MCU version of the character
  • Captain America: A man at war, even in Fortnite
  • Cuddlepool: Just a super funny skin


Marvel has some of the best skins to exist in the game. The skins are better than most other collaborations undertaken by Fortnite. These are just the top ten, but every skin type has something extraordinary to offer.

The Best Marvel Skins in Fortnite
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