The Best DC Skins in Fortnite

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The Best DC Skins in Fortnite

One of Fortnite’s most extensive collaborations was with DC. We will be ranking the best DC skins in Fortnite in this article

DC is one of the most popular franchises in the world. When Fortnite collaborated with DC, fans of both franchises collectively lost their minds. People could not fathom Batman breaking his no-kill rule and shooting multiple people to their demise. Characters like Superman, with strength beyond human comprehension, using guns seemed weird. However, when the collaboration dropped, people were still ecstatic to see their favorite heroes in the game.

The game brought forward multiple heroes from DC, some that look amazing while others missed the mark or their cape. We’ll look into some of DC's best characters who have gotten skins and one colossal mistake the game made.

The Top Ten Best DC Skins in Fortnite:

Fortnite has 24 DC skins. We have narrowed them down to the best ten. The ranking was based on how good the skins look in-game and how accurate they are to their source material.

10. Aquaman

The Best DC Skins in Fortnite

Credit: EA

If you ever wanted to play Fortnite as a Samoan giga chad, well, now you can. The game added Aquaman following his success in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) movies. The skin looks exactly what Jason Mamoa would look like if he were born in Fortnite. He even comes with a shirtless variant that shows off his iconic tattoos from the movie.

The skin looks fantastic. It has great details with intricately designed scales on Aquaman’s outfit. He also receives his Trident as a pickaxe skin. With everything equipped, he looks exactly like the King of Atlantis.

9. The Flash

The Best DC Skins in Fortnite

Credit: Epic Games

When the Flash was added to the game, fans were confused. They questioned why the CW version of the character was added instead of the DCEU version. However, the inclusion was still loved.

The Flash zoomed into Fortnite, sporting his main look from the CW show. The character finally got representation outside the CW universe. The skin looks like Barry Allen was copied and pasted from his universe into the game. He came to the game equipped with a lightning bolt pickaxe—a weapon he uses in the series more than he should.

While Flash does not have his super speed while shooting people, he looks great. His outfit has details that look like lightning running through him. His leather suit also has detailed lines highlighting his runner's physique.

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This is also one of the only times the Flash appears in a game that is not Injustice.

8. Beast Boy

The Best DC Skins in Fortnite

Credit: Epic Games

Beast Boy joins the party looking just how you’d imagine. All green. The Teen Titan has a lot of personality in all his variants and also brings us a Gorilla skin. Beast Boy sports the purple uniform that he wears in almost every appearance.

He also comes with a casual outfit that matches his character. His most significant inclusion is the big monkey he can turn into. Most players use the gorilla as an alternate look for Beast Boy while playing him. He’s one of the only monkeys you can play as in-game.

He also brings a baseball bat that puts a fresh coat of paint on the original pickaxe.

7. The Dark Knight

The Best DC Skins in Fortnite

Credit: Apex Games

When Batman was added to the game, he got the Dark Knight skin as an alternate look. The skin looks fantastic and is almost one-to-one with the movie it was in. The skin could be our number one pick, but it has a fatal flaw. The skin comes with no added cape. This issue exists with every single Batman skin in the game. Skins that look great otherwise look good and have no capes. These make Batman look naked and missing something important.

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Credit: Alizworld

6. Poison Ivy

The Best DC Skins in Fortnite

Poison Ivy brought in a shower of petals when she joined Fortnite. The botanist underwent an impressive transformation, revealing a never-before-seen design created for the game.

Ivy brings forth her well-known green body suit that caresses her silhouette perfectly and is ornamented with vines and leaves cascading down her body. Her bright red hair is adorned with leafy ornaments, adding to her natural personality.

Her pickaxe is a devilish rose, which adds to her poisonous character and makes Ivy stand out further.

5. The Joker

The Best DC Skins in Fortnite

Credit: Epic Games

If you ever wanted to gun down enemies like the Joker did in Arkham Knight, now you can! The Joker joined Fortnite, looking as sinister as always.

The crazy clown brought his iconic purple coat to the battlefield. He wears a waistcoat underneath adorned with the letters “Ha, Ha.” The Joker also has his face adorned with his legendary red smile. He will always find a way in-game to shoot you down and tell you how he got those scars.

He also has his mallet become the pickaxe he uses in-game. He’s always thwacking it, ready to smash into someone’s skull. Additionally, he is one of the only characters on this list who would actually dance to his enemy’s demise.

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4. Rebirth Raven

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Raven joined Fortnite from the shadows, brandishing a fantastic look for her. The hellspawn looks as emo as ever with her raven-feathered cape.

She has her iconic ornaments bejewelling her. Her cloak has a great look, making her seem highly menacing. Raven also has two other looks that look equally good, if not better. Each outfit fits her dark, secluded personality to the T.

As Raven runs around with weapons, she gives off a mysterious vibe. The dark arts expert looks like a cold-blooded assassin looking for blood on the battlegrounds.

3. Catwoman

The Best DC Skins in Fortnite

Credit: Epic Games

Even Batman would let his guard down seeing this version of the cat burglar strut down the roads in Fortnite. Catwoman looks perfect, looking exactly like she does in the comics.

She sports her distinguished leather body suit that perfectly caresses her figure. She comes equipped with razor-sharp claws on her gloves and even carries around her goggles. Her whip is wrapped around her waist, reminding her of one of her appearances in Batman: Arkham City.

While it is odd to see her emote in-game, Cat Woman represents a perfect comic book portrayal done by the games.

2. The Batman Who Laughs

The Best DC Skins in Fortnite

Credit: Epic Games

The Batman Who Laughs, the darkest version of The Dark Knight, comes into Fortnite looking just as menacing as he does in the comics. This is one of his first appearances in a video game that is not a fighting game.

The laughing Batman resembles his comic book counterpart with frightening precision. The chains running down his black straight jacket add to his demeanor. He looks like he broke through Arkham Asylum and is ready to get vengeance in society. Additionally, his cloak looks fabulous as it flows in the wind. Therefore, the lack of a cape becomes a non-issue, making this skin one of the best Fortnite offers.

1. Harley Quinn:

The Best DC Skins in Fortnite

Our number one pick is the queen of the DCEU, Harley Quinn. She looks perfect. The skin looks exactly like her comic book and movie counterparts.

The deranged psychiatrist looks eager to take down anyone in her way. Harley also has an alternate look, which fits her girl pop look exceptionally well. Harley’s psychotic nature is further highlighted in the gameplay. This is because Harley gunning down people left and right is ideally in line with her character. Additionally, she can use any emote available in the game without looking weird, as she would typically do that.


The DC collab threw Fortnite into the mainstream, funneling in many new players. These skins were ranked on their accuracy and how appropriate they felt playing with.

The Best DC Skins in Fortnite
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