That Time Final Fantasy XIV got a TV Show (And a Movie)

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That Time Final Fantasy XIV got a TV Show (And a Movie)

Did you know Final Fantasy XIV already had a TV Show? Learn all about it here!

Father of Light

So we know that Final Fantasy XIV is eventually getting an adaptation produced by Hivemind, the good folks involved in the adaptations of the Expanse and, more notably The Witcher. While that project is on ice right now, due to Covid and other factors, let's talk about the two live-action adaptations that the critically acclaimed MMORPG already received. A Japanese drama series and a movie based on that series.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light is a Japanese mini-series that tells the story of a young man trying to reconnect with his father through the means of an online game. As generic as this might sound for a television drama, the story behind it turns out to be more laid back. It's actually a rather mature story about family relationships and shared memories. And it's something anyone who grew up playing video games with their parents can probably relate to. And it's available on Netflix.

A few years later, the same story was repackaged as a feature-length movie titled Brave Father Online: Our Story of Final Fantasy XIV by Gaga and Square Enix. The overall story beats are largely the same, with a few details added to fluff up the run-time and I'd say it's as good as the TV show. Sadly the movie has never seen an official release in the west so your best bet is to look up the TV show.


A Real Warrior of Light

But there's a reason why I want to talk about it now. You see, the Dad of Light story is based on a series of blog posts by Japanese player Maidy Maidy who had been a longstanding member of the Final Fantasy XIV community. If you skim through his blogs now, you'll find posts dating back all the way to Final Fantasy XI. And you can also read through the translated version of the Father of Light story. And I don't know how many new players are aware of Maidy and his story, so I always feel compelled to tell it around this time of the year.

Initially, I wanted to write this little, wholesome piece about Maidy being one of the best of us. But reading through his blogs again just reminded me that he really was just one of us. After all, the entire Dad of Light is based on an innocent prank on his dad and the desire for a mount from the recruit a friend campaign. And reading all of this again now has me smiling ear to ear and I highly encourage you to read through the translation by FFXIV streamer Mimirai.

Sadly, Maidy passed away in December 2020 after a long battle with cancer. And his loss was felt throughout the community back then and even now, players hold little memorials for him across the globe. When the production of the TV show started, he even became friends with director and producer Naoki Yoshida, who also wrote this heartfelt goodbye to Maidy. And since then his character has been immortalized in promotional art and even an NPC that pops up during the yearly Rising Event.

Honestly, I don't know where I'm going with this piece. It might make for good clickbait, though. I just want people to know that Maidy was a Warrior of Light, just like the rest of us. Giving new players a helping hand and just enjoying the Realm of Eorzea to the fullest. So I just want to highly encourage you, even if I'm a day late, to celebrate the life of one of our fellow Warriors of Light. Go watch the show, read through the blogs, and spread love.

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That Time Final Fantasy XIV got a TV Show (And a Movie)
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