Tfue is Back: BoomTV Announce Tfue Tuesday Vol. 3 -$100K Fortnite Challenge

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Tfue is Back: BoomTV Announce Tfue Tuesday Vol. 3 -$100K Fortnite Challenge

BoomTV and Tfue are back with another Tfue Tuesday Fortnite Challenge!

Sunday has been a big day for Tfue. After announcing he was taking a break from Twitch streaming in June to live his life, Tfue and Kick announced that the streamer juggernaut would now be streaming on Kick. His return comes exactly five months after his hiatus. 

Tfue Tuesday is Back

Tfue's return to streaming isn't the only thing fans can look forward to starting tomorrow. On November 21, Tfue and BoomTV are bringing back the Tfue Tuesday $100K Fortnite Challenge. 

An invite-only tournament, Tfue Tuesday pits 20 teams against each other for their share of the $100,000 prize pool. The tournament uses Zero Build Mode, with competitors playing ten games each on the NA East servers. The Tfue Challenge also has a notable ban list of items like Rocket Launchers, Grenades, Cars, and all Mythic Weapons and Items. We don't yet know if Tfue Tuesday, Vol. 3, will use the same format or if there will be a Vol. 4 next week. 

Tfue Tuesday Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 took place back-to-back weeks in February earlier this year. It was one of the many exciting Fortnite events BoomTV hosted in 2023, with their most recent being the Fortnite OG The Reunion $100K Challenge. Tfue himself was a strong competitor in both events, with his team placing 2nd and 3rd in Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, respectively. The team of MrSavage, Kami, Japko, and pkr29 won the last event.

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Tfue Tuesday Vol. 3 kicks off November 21 at 4 PM EST.

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