All TFT Set 10 Songs: Remix Rumble Soundtrack

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All TFT Set 10 Songs: Remix Rumble Soundtrack

All TFT Set 10 songs are listed in this article that focuses on Riot’s music-centric new set, titled Remix Rumble.

TFT Set 10 titled Remix Rumble is the massive set update that allows players to become a DJ, allowing them to mash up songs as comps are generated. With several sound effects and trait specific tracks, music is an integral part of TFT’ latest set. The Remix Rumble soundtrack released by Riot features several top EDM producers such as Steve Aoki.

The ambitious set update marks a milestone for the game’s future itself, as Riot also hosted its first ever TFT offline LAN tournament in Vegas – titled TFT Vegas Open. Riot Games have a whole lot of plans for TFT as an esports in 2024, and also plans to bring back content from older set into the game.

Each trait has its own specific track, and “the musical genres of each trait do more than give your team a bonus”, the genres of each trait bind together to create an exclusive music track that's unique to the player comp. Players need to turn on their in-game music setting to enjoy that.

All TFT Set 10 Songs in Remix Rumble

REMIX Rumble (Steve Aoki Remix) — Performed by Steve Aoki & Kole Hicks
The Stage is Set (Carousel) — Performed by Jason Walsh
Follow the Music (Base) — Performed by Kole Hicks & Chase Bethea
Neon Nightlife (Disconauts) — Performed by Brendon Williams
Pressure’s On (Tranceformer) — Performed by Jason Walsh
Worldwide Hu$tle (True Damage) — Performed by Kole Hicks
Dust and Grime (Desperado) — Performed by Bill Hemstapat
Final Level (High-Score!) — Performed by J.D. Spears
No Chill (Heartsteel) — Performed by Bill Hemstapat
Edge of Finality (Pentakill) — Performed by Kole Hicks & Brendon Williams
Out of Your League (K/DA) — Performed by J.D. Spears
Plan for the Moments (Base) — Performed by Kole Hicks & Chase Bethea
XP.gang (Glitterbomb) — Performed by Jason Walsh
Slow Groovin’ (Disconauts) — Performed by Brendon Williams
Baroque Rejects (Big Sad) — Performed by Seth Tsui
No More Tears (Anarchist) — Performed by Bill Hemstapat
Get Down, Get Down (K/DA) — Performed by J.D. Spears
Pixel Power-Up (High-Score!) — Performed by J.D. Spears
Duel Come Dawn (Desperado) —   Performed by Bill Hemstapat
Midnight Muse (Tranceformer) — Performed by Jason Walsh
Doing Too Much (Heartsteel) — Performed by Bill Hemstapat
The Anthem of Misfits (Anarchist) —Performed by Bill Hemstapat
Turn It Up (True Damage) — Performed by Kole Hicks
Hyperrrcarry (Glitterbomb) — Performed by Jason Walsh
Low Rollers (Big Sad) — Performed by Seth Tsui
The Collector of Souls (Pentakill) — Performed by Kole Hicks & Brendon Williams
Attack of the Sax — Performed by Various Artists
Orchestrated Chaos — Performed by Various Artists
REMIX RUMBLE (Music Video Remix)—Performed by Aoki & Kole Hicks

The TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble soundtrack is available to stream on various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Music and more. The entire soundtrack is available to stream for free.

Riot ensures that the music-centric set update lives up to its theme, as newly launched Chibi variants also have their specific music sound effects. There is also a new K/DA Convergence arena that contains different tracks and tracklists.

Also, the 29 song tracklist is tailored according to each available trait, each song is designed to play when each trait is used, along several other sound effects and bells and whistles in the music-themed set update.

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