When Does TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble Come Out? PBE and Release Dates Revealed

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When Does TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble Come Out? PBE and Release Dates Revealed

Riot have dropped the release dates for the TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble along with a plethora of other information regarding the game’s music-centric new set.

After concluding the first World Championship tournament for it’s dual -platform auto-chess game, Riot Games have dropped a series of spoilers and informations about TFT’s upcoming set, titled Remix Rumble. Through a Dev Drop video on YouTube, Lead Designer on the game Matthew Witrock revealed the upcoming main mechanic for the game while developers Mortdog revealed the rest of the information about the newest set.

A reworked version of the Chosen mechanic from Set 4, the devs introduced Headliners as the main mechanic for the game. Purchased at two stars, Headliners grant the player immediate power and plus one to one of the traits. “Some Headliners, will, however, be difficult to find.” revealed Matthew Wittrock. Headliners will occasionally show up in shops and each one will have a different specific effect. The new set also brings back some of the game’s greatest hits, such as the Portals mechanic.

Starting with Set 10, the game would no longer feature mid-set updates, and there would be a considerable gap of four months between each set, allowing players to master the meta in its entirety.  Battle passes would feature a refreshed look and each battle pass would last for about two months now.

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Being a music-centric set, the Remix Rumble showcase shines the spotlight on League’s popular K-pop band, K/DA, while revealing other traits such as Pentakill, and more. Each trait has a music track of its own, and

TFT Mobile to finally launch in APAC regions

Through the Dev Drop video, Design Director Ananda Gupta announced that the game would finally be available for players in Asia Pacific region as Set 10 releases. Teamfight Tactics Mobile for Asia Pacific is slated for November 22 launch. TFT Mobile has clocked in 3.5million APAC players who’ve pre-registered for the game, already. Players on Android and iOS platforms can pre-register for TFT Mobile APAC here and earn several milestone rewards that include Treasure Tokens and Star Shards. TFT Mobile APAC would launch on November 22.

This update will also feature several quality of life improvements and general changes that will impact mobile players across “the entire world”. Also, players using a tablet device would no longer have to worry about the giant black bars on the side of the screen, as TFT Set 10: Remix Rumble would optimize  the game for Tablet devices. “Say hello to a smoother, prettier, tablet-tailored experience,” said Ananda Gupta.

TFT Set 10 PBE Release Date

TFT’s Set 10 update, Patch 12.38 is scheduled to go live on PBE two weeks prior to the full launch, giving the players enough time to test out the new set before it goes live. Players with a PBE account can experience the new set as it goes live on Private Beta Environment from November 7, 12 PM PT.

TFT Patch 13.24 Notes: Vegas Open Set 10 Patch Features Adjustments

TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble is slated to go live for players across all regions on Tuesday November 21.

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