How TFT Set 10 Prismatic Augments Work: Full List

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How TFT Set 10 Prismatic Augments Work: Full List

This article details the full list of Augments in TFT Set 10: Remix Rumble and how they work.

Augments are an evergreen mechanic in Teamfight Tactics, but the latest set has cut back on Augments – TFT Set 10 removes all plus-one trait augments, allowing the new mechanic named Headliner to take over.

Prismatic Augments are augments of the highest tier in the entirety of TFT. Each Prismatic Augment has the ability to make or break your game, and players have to choose wisely before going all in with them. This article features the full list of Prismatic augments in TFT’s latest set, titled Remix Rumble.

TFT Set 10 Prismatic Augments

  • • If the player has at least 50 gold, they receive Diamond Hands.

    Binary Airdrop: The player’s champions are equipped with two items temporarily. Player gains a random completed item at the beginning of combat. Also, player received one random item component.

    Birthday Present: Player receives a two-star champion every time they Level up. The champion’s tier is Level minus four (minimum tier-one).

    Blinding Speed: Player receives a Rapid Firecannon, a Gunsoo’s Rageblade, and a Magnetic Remover.

    Caretaker’s Chosen: The player gains more powerful items upon levelling up.

    • Level four: Player receives a component Anvil

    • Level six: Player receives a completed item Anvil

    • Level seven: This opens a Radiant item Armory

    Cursed Crown: Player gains plus-two maximum team size, but takes 100 percent increased player damage.

    Cruel Pact: This allows the player to buy XP with five health instead of gold. This also allows the player to heal 2 health prior to each combat round.

    Determined Investors: The first time upon having 40 gold at the end of combat, player receives two Diamond Hands along with two item components.

    Endless Hordes: Player gains plus-three maximum team size, but the champions can only hold one item, and their total health is decreased by 20 percent. Player receives 6 gold.

    Final Ascension: The player units deal 15 percent extra damage. Th8s same effect triples after a duration of 15 seconds

    Final Reserves: The first time you would be eliminated or reduced to one health, instead remain alive. After this effect triggers, at the beginning of your next planning phase, gain 70 XP and 50 gold.

    Going Long: The player no longer gains interest. At the start of a turn, player recdives four XP.

    Hedge Fund: Player receives 20 gold. Your maximum interest is increased to 10.

    Hedge Fund Plus: Player receives 30 gold. The maximum amount of interest received is bumped to 10.

    Hedge Fund Plus Plus: Player receives 40 gold. The maximum amount of interest received gets bumped to 10.

    Hologram: The Headliner champion gets cloned. However, the player cannot equip items on the clone.

    Impenetrable Bulwark: Player gains a Bramble Vest, a Dragon’s Claw, along with a Magnetic Remover.

    Infernal Contract: The player's max Level is seven. Player receives 85 gold.

    Level Up!: Upon buying XP, the player receives an additional three. Also, two instantly.

  • Living Forge: Player receives an Ornn item Anvil now and after every 10-player combat rounds. 
  • Lucky Gloves: Thief’s Gloves will always give your champions ideal items. Gain two Sparring Gloves. 
  • Lucky Gloves Plus: Thief’s Gloves will always give your champions ideal items. Gain three Sparring Gloves.
  • March of Progress: Gain three XP now, and bonus XP equal to your Level at the start of every player combat round. You can no longer use gold to level up. 
  • New Recruit: You gain plus-one team size and a Champion Duplicator. 
  • Overwhelming Force: player receives a Deathblade, an Infinity Edge, and a Magnetic Remover. 
  • Phreaky Friday: Player receives an Infinity Force. After five player combat rounds, player receives another. 
  • Phreaky Friday Plus: player receives an Infinity Force. After three player combat rounds, the player receives another. 
  • Prismatic Ticket: Each time your shop is refreshed, the player has a 50 percent chance of getting anfree shop refresh. 
  • Radiant Relics: This augment allows the player to open an Armory and choose one of five unique Radiant items. Player receives a Magnetic Remover.
  • Roll the Dice: Player receives a Rascal’s Gloves, which equips two random Radiant items every round. 
  • Starter Kit: Gain a tier-four champion and a two-star tier-one champion that shares a trait with them. In the next two Stages, gain the tier-four champion again. 
  • Talent Search: All of the units gain their unique Headliner Effect. Health is 100 and attack speed is 10 percent. 
  • Tiniest Titan: The Tactician is small and speedy. After each PvP round, heal 2 health and gain 2 gold per round. 
  • Titan Plus: The player’s tactician is small and speedy. After each PvP round, heal two health and gain two gold. Gain eight gold now.
  • The Golden Egg: Player gains a massive golden egg that hatches in 11 turns. Victorious player combat rounds accelerate the hatch timer by an additional turn.   
  • Unleashed Arcana: Player gains a Jeweled Gauntlet, a Rabadon’s Deathcap, and a Magnetic Remover. 
  • Wellness Trust: At round start— Player receives three gold. If you have at least 40 gold, the Tactician would heal two health. 
  • What the Forge: All completed items the player owns or receives are transformed into random Ornn Artifacts (excluding Tactician’s Crown and Emblems). Units gain 120 health per equipped Artifact. 

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