TFT Remix Rumble Championship: Format and Schedule

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TFT Remix Rumble Championship: Format and Schedule

After the success of TFT Vegas Open, Riot Games have announced the TFT Remix Rumble Championship for Set 10

This article details the entire format for the tournament, the scheduled as well as the cash prize for each player from the massive prize pool. 32 players from across the world will compete for a massive prize pool of $456,000. The first place will win $150,000, along with a trophy. The rest of the prize pool will be divided amongst the remaining 31 players.

TFT Remix Rumble Checkmate format

The Remix Rumble tournament features a checkmate format, where players do not player static games. The checkmate format features a point threshold, where whenever player hits a certain point thereshold, they win the game. In the case of TFT Remix Rumble Championship, the point threshold is 20. Whichever player wins a checkmate lobby by reaching 20 points first becomes the winner, and also of the championship.

TFT Remix Rumble Championship Format

TFT Remix Rumble Championship Day 1

The 32 participating players will be split into lobbies of four players. The four player lobbies will play 6 games. The lobbies will then proceed to shuffle after completing 2 games. Each of the 32 players will then advance to Day 2.

TFT Remix Rumble Championship Day 2

The second day of the championship, on March 2, players will etain all their points from Day 1 of the tournament. The 32 players will be split into lobbies of 4 players. and every player will play 6 games each. After every 2 games, the lobbies will shuffle.
The top 8 players who gather the most amount of the points, will then proceed to battle it out for the finals, held on March 3.

TFT Remix Rumble Championship Day 3

All the 8 players will play against each other in a checkmate format. The player who secures 20 points will be crowned the Remix Rumble Champion.

TFT Remix Rumble Regional Seeds

This article details the entire seeds for each region in TFT Remix Rumble Championship in Set 10. Due to their Runeterra Reforged win, Japan has been granted an extra seed!

  •  China 4
  • EMEA 4
  • North America 4
  • Korea 4
  • Brazil 3
  • South East Asia 3
  • Latin America 3
  • Japan 3
  • Oceania 2

TFT Remix Rumble Championship Prize Pool

The massive 456K$ is divided amongst 32 players, with the first place winning a cash prize of $150K USD. Also, there are a lot more things to consider, with the success of TFT Vegas Open, Riot has bumped up the tournament’s prize pool. The prize pool for this set is much larger than the one in the Vegas tournament. We’ve listed the cash prize each player from the 32 players will receive, according to information released from Teamfight Tactics’ parent developer compant, Riot Games.

1. $150,000
4. $20,000
10. $10,000
12. $9,000
13. $8,000
14. $8,000
15. $7,000
16. $7,000
17. $6,000
19. $5,500
20. $5,500
21. $5,000
23. $4,500
24. $4,500
25. S4,000
31. $2,500
32. $2,500

Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble Championship – How To Watch

The TFT Remix Rumble Championship begins on Friday March 1, with its finals on March. The tournament will run for a total of 3 days and will be live-streamed on Riot’s official Teamfight Tactics YouTube and Twitch channels. Riot will be broadcasting the entire tournament and players can tune into all the action from the player’s POV from March 1 to March 3.

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