TFT Patch 14.4: Small Changes Prepare Players for Set 10 Championship

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TFT Patch 14.4: Small Changes Prepare Players for Set 10 Championship

TFT Patch 14.4 ships a small number of adjustments to keep the meta in balance ahead of TFT Set 10: Remix Rumble Worlds Championship.

With February coming to an end, the release of Set 11 isn’t too far. With no mid-set updates now and each set lasting for about four months, TFT’s competitive season will feature a whole lot of changes, and more offline events.

Jayce receives a blanket of buffs as this is the last patch players can play the TFT Set 3.5 Revival for. Here is the complete of adjustments and buff added to Jayce in TFT Set 3.5 Revival mode. Jayce MR and Armor: 40 changed to 45 Jayce Ability Damage: 320/480/800% AP buffed 350/525/875% AP Jinx also gets her attack damage increased to 75, with a boost in her st kill attack speed bonus. Syndra gets her mana adjusted from 20/70 to 10/60.


Dragon’s Claw is reclaiming its rightful place as the item with the most Magic Resist to help you itemize into AP heavy lobbies. The 10 MR comes at the cost of 1% of the max Health offered, making the item a bit sharper as an MR slam.

  • Dragon’s Claw MR has been changed from 55 to 65.
  • Dragon’s Claw Max HP has been shifted from 10% to 9%

Radiant Items

  • Jak’sho the Protean (Radiant Adaptive Helm) no longer grants both effects regardless of position.
  • Jak’sho the Protean (Radiant Adaptive Helm) grants 1 effect based on starting position. The Fully Adapted Augment will grant both effects.
  • Jak’sho the Protean (Radiant Adaptive Helm) front 2 Row Resist bonus: 60 ⇒ 80
  • Jak’sho the Protean (Radiant Adaptive Helm) front 2 Row Mana On-Hit: 1 ⇒ 2
  • Jak’sho the Protean (Radiant Adaptive Helm) back 2 Row Ability Power bonus: 45 ⇒ 55
  • Jak’sho the Protean (Radiant Adaptive Helm) back 2 Row Mana Per 3s: 15 ⇒ 20

Small Changes


  • Country 7 Country Dreadsteed ability damage: 200% AD ⇒ 210% AD
  • Rapidfire Attack Speed per stack: 4/8/14% ⇒ 4/9/16%
  • Spellweaver Ability Power for Spellweavers: 20/35/70/120% + 1/2/3/4% per cast ⇒ 20/35/80/130% + 1/2/4/6% per cast


  • Lillia max Mana buff has been shifted from 70/120 to 60/110
  • Karthus Superfan item: Archangel’s Staff changed from Adaptive Helm
  • Poppy Attack Speed changed from 0.65 to 0.7
  • Compensation for fixing a bug where Poppy gained more attack speed than intended from bonus attack speed.

Support Items

  • Aegis of the Legion tooltip now clarifies that it affects adjacent allies in the same row.

The update removes support for ChromeOS, meaning TFT will no longer be playable on devices running Google's home operating system. Also, fans who play on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 would no longer be able to play TFT on Legacy operating systems. “To maintain the stability and performance of our game we sometimes need to deprecate support for legacy Operating Systems that aren't widely used by our players.” explained the Teamfight Tactics developer.

 TFT Patch 14.4 Full List of Bug Fixes

This article details the complete list of bug fixes, according to Riot's official patch notes blog post for the latest Teamfight Tactics update. Poppy would no longer gain more attack speed than intended from the bonus attack speed.

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